Off-road but not off-limits. AMM’s ultra-tough trailer for boats that have to cross the dirt before getting to the water.

Australian Master Marine extreme use boat trailers

OFF-ROAD no longer means off-limits for boaties thanks to the successful completion of an ‘extreme use’ trailer research and development program undertaken by leading plate alloy boat manufacturer Australian Master Marine.

This program has seen the company develop a unique design to give owners of its plate alloy boats even greater access to near-inaccessible localities. The design features a cradle system that adopts some features from a bunk-style trailer and combines them with a keel line support and integrated system of triangular trusses.

The result is a near bulletproof trailer frame that provides greater support for the boat over a greater area, therefore reducing the risk of damage and perhaps failure to the trailer and boat.

AMM director Mr Barton Thomas said, “More and more of our customers are taking their plate alloy boats into remote locations where the closest thing to a road is a corrugated, washboard torture track.”

“AMM’s boats have always proved themselves to be extremely tough – the challenge was to develop an even tougher, more durable series of trailers that could push the off-road boundaries even further.


Off-road but not off-limits. AMM’s ultra-tough trailer for boats that have to cross the dirt before getting to the water.
Off-road but not off-limits. AMM’s ultra-tough trailer for boats that have to cross the dirt before getting to the water.
“So we decided to develop a style of trailer that would provide far greater structural reliability, far greater support for the boat it was carrying, better suspension components, improved wheel articulation for traversing rough ground and greater ease of maintenance.

“All this was done with the premise of not sacrificing towability in any way.”

The result is the AMM Off Road – a series of boat trailers designed specifically for AMM’s range of plate alloy boats.

“Our R&D program found the weaknesses, devised and trialled solutions and we are now releasing the completed design under the AMM Off Road name,” Mr Thomas said.

“One of the key features is how the side skids simultaneously cradle the hull while the keel line is supported full length – it’s a design strategy you can’t use to maximum advantage unless you have a fully welded floor supported by a substantial, welded sub-frame.

“That in itself is a major difference between an AMM plate alloy boat and some other ‘so-called’ plate boats that have a carpeted timber floor or perhaps a metal tub held in place by fasteners and adhesives rather than being fully welded.”

Other features on the AMM Off Road trailer include the option of an automatic, high-flow wash-down system with engineered spray heads that can be mated to a timer as well as an on-board freshwater reservoir.

“With this system, you simply launch your boat, park your trailer, set the timer and drive off to your fishing spot while the trailer washes down its brakes, suspension and frame,” Mr Thomas said.

“Once back at home, simply repeat the procedure.” While the trailers are primarily designed for AMM plate alloy boats, Mr Thomas said the auto-flush system would suit many other boat trailers and could be retro-fitted to them.

“We also know that many owners who venture into tough territory see the trailer as a pack horse for carrying extra gear and fuel on long-haul trips,” he said.

“We have given ourselves a number of points where we can add storage lockers for additional gear, as well as having some creative designs for a ‘storage bridge’ straddling the trailer.”

AMM Off Road trailers can be inspected at the Australian Master Marine headquarters at Brendale on Brisbane’s northside and online at


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