Helen Abdy

Helen is presently working and fishing around Oz, enjoying our country and venturing abroad to fish some amazing places. She has experience in most aspects of fishing: tackle shop sales and working charter boats but fly fishing for saratoga is her favourite pastime. Feel free to contact Helen via email: h.abdy@bigpond.com

Kolan River jack tips

THE Kolan River on the north side of Bundaberg was and still is a fantastic river system. This river system is very close to where I grew up – one of the first places I got the bug for chasing mangrove jack and barramundi. Kolan jack Head north towards Agnes Water from Bundaberg and turn off to Yandaran, then follow …

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2016 Women That Fish Barra Classic

Placing second were Shara Vanhaeren and Christine Arnold who also caught four barra. Three teams consisting of three anglers fished the comp and this category was won by Cindy, Karen and Shaye after they captured nine barra. Jodie, Toni and I came second with our five barra. The champion overall team was team Crazy Fish, with Lisa Huff landing a …

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Living and Fishing on the West Coast

I LEFT my home in Queensland more than three years ago to work in Western Australia, hoping to see more of our country and to fish new places. I weighed up the pros and cons of continuing north or turning around and doing the touristy thing in Perth before flying back to the mine in a week’s time. After a call …

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