Lex Irwin

Kayak Bass Open at Clarrie Hall Dam

OVER the past few years a dedicated group of kayak anglers have fished bass competitions around Queensland, NSW and the Australian Capital Territory. But with the demise of B.A.S.S. Australia Nation, these anglers have limited dedicated kayak competitions available to them, with only ABT providing an avenue where the kayakers would have to compete against boats in the Bass Electric …

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Mercury Queensland Bream Open 2017

queensland Bream Open 2017

Throughout the day we slowly upgraded our bag and were happy to weigh in 3.82kg, putting us in second place. Team Samurai Reaction’s Tristan Taylor and Dave McKenzie were the leaders with a 3.85kg bag and they had employed a similar game plan to us, fishing topwater and cranking the shallows. Team Pontoon21 was in third place with a bag …

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