Nathan Reid

Nathan has been fishing since he could walk for anything from Tassie trout to mighty barra. He spent three years on a commercial long liner catching marlin and tuna, but started a family so his ocean days were short lived. Nathan’s attention then turned to barramundi in the dams and rivers, mangrove jack and Murray cod. His articles are dedicated to readers who love what fishing brings; from camping to casting, as well as his findings as an angler to hopefully aid those looking for a fish. Nathan also runs a group on Facebook called ‘Outstanding Fishing Photography’, which is dedicated to the true essence of fishing and its surrounds.

Noeby Fishing Tackle Review


It is well priced and comes ready to do battle with the toughest fish straight out of the box. Its silky smooth carbon drag washers and oversize roller bearing mean the line lays flat and even when you wind, and the drag is smooth even when wound right up, with not a bounce in the rod tip. As mentioned, Noeby …

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