Noeby Fishing Tackle Review

GOING fishing always tends to be an expensive task.

Whether it be car maintenance, boat maintenance, registration payments or fuel, costs are everywhere, and that’s without getting started on tackle. Buying tackle is a confronting undertaking, with most people thinking the more you spend, the better the product.

Anglers are these days spending ridiculous money on things such as rods and reels. Most of us can’t justify the cost, so where do we look for gear that has the same features as the high-end rods and reels? With reels, most anglers are chasing features including infinite anti-reverse, stainless ball bearings and roller bearings, carbon drag washers and feel straight out of the box.

Rods are a little different, and feeling what suits you as an angler and the species you are targeting may result in different rod choices. Overall feel and a comfortable grip are important, as are a high-end Toray carbon blank and strong Fuji Alconite guides and Fuji reel seats.

Recently I’ve been working with Noeby Fishing Tackle, and Noeby’s rods and reels have all these qualities. This company is one of the up and coming powerhouses of the tackle world. Noeby produces some of the best soft plastics on the market, as well as hard-bodies to suit everything from bream to bass, barramundi and pelagics.

I have been testing Noeby’s braid and can’t fault it. The leaders and mono are fantastic, with great thin diameters. I’ve been using the 50lb Infinite leader for all my barramundi and giant trevally fishing and haven’t had an issue with rubbing through.

One of the highlights of the Noeby Fishing Tackle range is the Infinite 3000 spin reel.

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The Noeby Infinite bass rod handled this barra.
The Noeby Infinite bass rod handled this barra.
This GT hit a Noeby stickbait.
This GT hit a Noeby stickbait.
It is well priced and comes ready to do battle with the toughest fish straight out of the box. Its silky smooth carbon drag washers and oversize roller bearing mean the line lays flat and even when you wind, and the drag is smooth even when wound right up, with not a bounce in the rod tip.

As mentioned, Noeby produces brilliant lures to boot and their quality is superb, all coming with super-strong, wired-through construction and tough French VMC hooks. Noeby hard-bodies are robust and straight out of the packet can catch the fish they are designed to without expensive upgrades.

The soft plastic range is endless and their quality is so user friendly, with no hassles to combine them in a tackle box or leave them attached to the line for long periods. They are UV stable, so won’t fade, and come with a specially designed fish fragrance. Noeby makes plastics for trout, jungle perch, golden perch, big pelagics, barramundi and jewfish.

Noeby Fishing Tackle is on the rise and you will see more and more of it through tackle shops and fishing pictures. For more information, follow Noeby on Instagram and Facebook or visit

About Nathan Reid

Nathan has been fishing since he could walk for anything from Tassie trout to mighty barra. He spent three years on a commercial long liner catching marlin and tuna, but started a family so his ocean days were short lived. Nathan’s attention then turned to barramundi in the dams and rivers, mangrove jack and Murray cod. His articles are dedicated to readers who love what fishing brings; from camping to casting, as well as his findings as an angler to hopefully aid those looking for a fish. Nathan also runs a group on Facebook called ‘Outstanding Fishing Photography’, which is dedicated to the true essence of fishing and its surrounds.

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  1. Just about to order a couple of the Noeby Infinite Popping Rods (1 x PE 3-6 & 1 x PE 4-8) to mainly target Yellowtail Kingfish in New Zealand. Have heard good things but hard to find any detailed reviews online. Would be great to see some more detailed reviews of their tackle on here! Thanks 😉

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