Sean Conlon

Solid snapper from rubble ground


Let’s hope 2024 brings nice weather so we can all get out and chase a few fish. snapper With the weather warming up, a lot of people will turn their attention to chasing mackerel in the bay, but there’s another species to chase in summer – snapper. Most anglers only target southern bay snapper in the cooler months of the …

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Persistence pays off in Moreton Bay


Wow, while we probably say it every year, “I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas,” this year has definitely flown by, so Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for reading my articles for the past 12 months, I hope you’ve enjoyed them. I’ve revelled in spending time on the water and catching fish with family, friends and clients, which helps to make …

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Techniques for targeting squire


With the temperature warming up, I’ve noticed a definite increase in enquiries to go fishing this month. Let’s hope the weather plays the game and we can all get out on the water a few times over the coming month. Of course, as the water temperature heats up and overall flathead numbers decrease slightly, bigger flathead quantities surge. So, for …

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Maximising motor power with propellers


Hi crew, for those who read my articles in this publication, you’ll know that I recently purchased an older 5.5m Aussie Whaler as my new work boat. When I bought the boat, it had a two-stroke OptiMax on the back. Though it had plenty of power, at 2500 hours, it started to have a few issues. So, we decided to …

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Basics of fishing Moreton Bay


The fishing last month was good, and it continued into this month. Even though we had a few days of rain and a couple were windy, overall the weather wasn’t too bad, which meant we’ve been out and plenty of nice fish were caught. Now, I may have done an article on this topic already, though I’m not too sure …

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Bay squire and flatties fire up


Well, the fishing this month has been good to say the least, with most trips turning up some very nice fish. Unfortunately, sprinkled in there we’ve had a couple of tough days where the fish just would not play the game. So, I suppose that’s why we have the old saying: “That’s why it’s called fishing, not catching.” You can …

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Winter techniques for flatty and bream

I was having a chat with an assistant in a tackle shop the other day and he asked me how the fishing was going. I told him about a few of our recent captures and he said, “Wow, I wish I could get some fish like that, as they are better than my personal bests.” Obviously, he asked me where …

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Teaching the next generation about fishing


This month, we’ve been lucky enough to sneak a few days out on the water and seeing a few fathers with their kids has been a good thing.  teach The catalyst for getting the young anglers on the water was to firstly see if they enjoyed fishing from a boat. So, the dads are coming out to learn a bit …

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Boat outfitters outdo themselves

What is 2023 going to bring? Hopefully, with a bit of luck, some good consistent weather, but I won’t be holding my breath. I managed only a couple of days on the water since writing my last article. The fishing was quite good, with a few nice flathead caught still, even though the water’s warming up. All the usual techniques …

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Moreton Bay threadfin


Wow, I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner – it has snuck up fairly fast and another year is nearly over. As we know, the weather this year has been a major factor, with plenty of rain and a lot of wind, getting out on the water fishing was made a little more difficult than normal. Though I …

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