Peter captured a nice 34cm bream.

Teaching the next generation about fishing

This month, we’ve been lucky enough to sneak a few days out on the water and seeing a few fathers with their kids has been a good thing.  teach

The catalyst for getting the young anglers on the water was to firstly see if they enjoyed fishing from a boat.

So, the dads are coming out to learn a bit about it too, which has been great as this means they’re doing some research before buying a boat and heading down the road of basically doing it all themselves as a team.

So, the fathers are trying to make their children understand that owning a boat and going fishing is not only about catching fish.

It’s understanding that, to make it work, there is time, maintenance and cost involved with the boat and also with their fishing equipment.

Peter and Vadim had fun catching a few fish together.


You have to enjoy all of that and enjoy doing it together.

I was lucky enough to experience this from when I was very young through to my late 40s.

My father taught me to enjoy the whole aspect of fishing – all the way from buying, looking after and maintaining a boat to also buying fishing equipment and looking after it, and to do all of this together.

I think if you’re going to head into the world of boating and fishing, for it to work, you need to enjoy the whole aspect of it.

That’s what my dad taught me, and it’s worked so far.

George scored a decent 55cm flathead on a Zerek Bulldog Crank.


As a charter operator, if I did this job because all I enjoyed was catching fish, I would have been very disappointed as my main job is maintaining the vessel and fishing equipment – and working out how to help other people catch fish.

For the two father and child duos I had on charters recently, this was the priority and what the dads wanted to instill in their kids – it’s not only about catching fish.

Prior to the charter, Glen had a chat with me to explain what he wanted to accomplish with his son George, and it was something I was happy to accommodate him with.

I met them at 5.30am and, after a thorough safety briefing, we were on our way to the first spot to see if we could pick up a few flathead.

It was high tide, so using one of my favourite techniques of putting out a couple of Zerek Bulldog Cranks, we trolled for a couple of lizards.

Peter caught a southern bay trevally – his first fish on a lure.


While the fishos had plenty of bumps and knocks, and we lost a fish beside the boat, no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t keep one on the hook.

So the decision was made to move to a different area. teach

On the way, we had a little chat about the fishing equipment we were using, the style of lure and the techniques for trying to pick up a few fish.

One of the main things discussed was how we were going to still troll hard-bodies when we got to the next spot, but we were going to lighten the drags and troll on the electric to try to slow everything down, and to see if we could get a fish to stay on the hook.

We also had to work on George’s technique as, after watching a lot of fishing videos, he was rather aggressive on the pump and wind.

As I say to everyone, while it looks great, with the style of fishing we’re doing, it will lose you fish more often than not.

We deployed the lures at the new spot and, using the technique we’d discussed, it wasn’t long before George hooked up to a solid lizard.


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