bagley minnow b 05

Bagley Minnow B 05

THE Bagley Minnow B 05 is a shallow-diving fish slayer, with an irresistible action and internal rattle chambers.

It is a 5” floating jerk minnow with Bagley’s legendary action and internal rattle chambers that call fish to the lure.

Twitch it and pause it to attract brutal surface strikes, or punch, roll and pause it sub-surface to draw fish out of the snags or across the flats.

Easy to cast and versatile in its range of applications, the Minnow B 05 is at home in the northern rivers and estuaries chasing barra and jacks around snags, drains and prop roots, as well as casting and trolling the flats for the ever-popular flathead and fishing the creeks, rivers and estuaries for a wide range of species, from salmon and tailor to trevally and a mixed bag of other baitfish-eating predators.

Built from durable, quality components and fitted with chemically sharpened, black nickel hooks, the Bagley Minnow B 05 is ready to swim straight out of the packet. Weighing 3/8oz and diving to 0.9m, the B 05 is available in six colours with a SRP of $16.95.

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