Bar Crusher
The hull design of the Bar Crusher means it can take some punishment if required.

Bar Crusher XT fishing weapons

The Australian boat manufacturing team at Bar Crusher certainly had their hard-core fishing caps on when they designed the XT range of boats.

The three different sizes in the range provide options when choosing an open hardtop fishing weapon.

While not small by any means, the 670XT is the smallest of the three models, and the one I tested recently in and offshore on the Gold Coast.

The test boat supplied by Australian Marine Centre was fitted with a 200hp Suzuki, which is the maximum horsepower for this model.

Bar Crusher
A large bait board is a must for a serious fishing boat. When not folded away, the rear folding seat on the 670XT can also be used as a casting platform.


With an overall length of 6.7m, a beam of 2.35m and 230 litres of fuel, you have the makings of a hard-core fishing boat.

Combine this with a 5mm thick bottom, 4mm top sides and the Waveslicer hull and you have a boat that has been built to withstand the harsh Australian marine environment.

In terms of performance, the Suzuki had plenty of punch, with the 670XT leaping onto the plane when given a fist full of throttle.

Though I love power – which the Suzuki had plenty of – fuel economy is another important factor when travelling long distances to the reef, and the Suzuki shined here as well.

Luxury captain seats are essential when travelling long distances. These also fold up for more room at the helm or as a lean support if you wanted to stand and drive the boat.


Aside from horsepower, engine weight and the correct engine, height on the transom has an impact on performance, so it’s important to get these things right, and the team at AMC excelled.

When matched with the Bar Crusher Rigideck – a unique and tough hull design system – the result is a boat that punches above its weight class, which is what you want, especially when heading offshore or to distance reefs.

As for fishability, the 670XT certainly ticks this box.

Whether you’re bottom bashing or floating off the stern, fighting a fish beside the console or flicking poppers for big pelagic on the front casting deck, you have literally 360 degrees of fishing room.

Ample storge under the front casting platform.


In addition, the 670XT has a plethora of rod holders, ensuring you’re equipped for the mix of fishing options that this boat is well suited to.

The 670XT can also be fitted with an electric motor for a mix of offshore anchoring and drifting or, if preferred, chasing barramundi in one of the local dams or creek systems.

Alternatively, or additionally, an electric winch can be mounted in the anchor well – the choice is yours.

Aside from the all-round fishability, the XT range also features a large helm area that not only provides a bit of extra protection if the weather turns bad but can house a couple of substantially sized flush-mounted sounder units too.

Bar Crusher
These days, a big dash in the helm is a necessity for mounting large electronics.


Depending on what seating options you want, two luxury sports seats will fit neatly behind the helm – which gives an idea of just how big the area is.

Another feature of the XT model is the hardtop, which is uniquely designed with a tug and rugged look that fits the style of the boat.

Designed to house your marine radios and stereo, it also provides some welcome relief from the harsh sun above.

Storage wise, you have plenty of room under the helm and in the large side pockets.

The good-sized front casting platform had two extra seats or lean post positions to aid with fishing.


The front casting deck also has ample storage underneath.

Combine these features with standard inclusions – such as a bait station with drawers, berley bucket, live bait tank, walk-through transom and deck grip on the gunwales – and you have a very well-appointed boat that will satisfy the fussiest of fishos.

As for all Bar Crusher boats, the 670XT features the Quickflow water ballast system that provides added stability at rest, which is what you want in a boat that has 360-degree fishability.

As mentioned before, the 670XT is – for lack of a better word – the ‘baby’ in the XT range, with the 730 and 780 the next models up.

The 200hp Suzuki pushed the Bar Crusher 670XT along effortlessly.


So, if you want all of these features but even more room, there’s a model to suit.

Best of all, the XT range of boats are all within the maximum width for towing, which is 2.5m.

If you’re keen to check this boat or others in the range out, drop in and see the team at Australian Marine Centre at Slacks Creek.

Or check them out online at

They don’t only sell boats… they love boating and fishing too, so have the knowledge to get you into the boat of your dreams.

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