Bone Focus 130

The Bone Focus 130 is a multi-tow point glide bait that is the ideal size for many fish throughout Australia.

Featuring 4+1 towing eyelets, each with its own unique swimming action, this lure is truly revolutionary.

The ability for anglers to choose the desired swim depth when fishing in different terrains is the focus of this lure.

The first eyelet serves to create a swimbait with a seductive wide wobble and roll action mimicking a lifelike swimming action.

Attaching your line to the second or third eyelets gives the lure greater diving capability.

A vibration mode can be imparted when the line is attached to the fourth eyelet as it swims in a forward position with internal bearings knocking against the body.

Additional weights can also be attached to the chin eyelet without impacting on the lure’s action, allowing the Focus to reach deeper in search of your prey.

Six new colours will be our ongoing colour range – CP (Carp), FE (Femur), FAB (Fat Betty), PL (Pearl), SK (Skeleton) and MC (Murray Cod).]

Bone Lures are designed to be multi-functional, meaning each Bone Lure can be used in a number of different ways.

This multi-function nature allows anglers to fish one lure for longer. Changing certain aspects of the lure or how the lure is attached to the leader will give the angler a completely different action.


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