Mini Qld lap – Following the coast home

After leaving the crystal blue waters of the Whitsundays, the plan was to spot-hop along the coast until we reached Gladstone, where my wife and daughters would fly home and I would spend a few days fishing with Team Cruise Craft. Exploring It’s moments such as these that having a very understanding wife is great… though my stay in Gladstone …

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Ironman 4×4 Folding Fire Pit

With more camping areas and caravan parks requiring visitors to maintain their campfires in a purpose-built fire pit, it is worth considering having a collapsible fire pit in your collection of camping gear. The Ironman 4×4 new collapsible fire pit has been designed with practicality and functionality, front of mind.     Size always matters The two sizes that matter …

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An overview of our estuarine crocodiles

The saltwater crocodile is a large and opportunistic hypercarnivorous apex predator. It ambushes most of its prey and then drowns or swallows it whole. It is capable of prevailing over almost any animal that enters its territory, including other apex predators such as sharks, varieties of freshwater and saltwater fish including pelagic species, invertebrates such as crustaceans, various reptiles, birds, …

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Life through the lens

Hi all, what I love about living in a rural Queensland town is the strong sense of community. Living in Queensland There is never a shortage of creative characters who live in these special towns and many have entwined their craft with the everyday existence of local families. Living in Queensland Here at Agnes Water, you don’t have to look …

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The stranger side of travel

Hi all, when you’re out in the Queensland bush travelling, you get to see the wonderful sights and explore the country, and occasionally you come across unusual occurrences that can’t be rationally explained. stranger side travel Now, these are only accounts without facts, however sometimes you can tell by body language and reaction that something strange had been experienced and …

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Mini Queensland lap – Big Crystal Creek

Big Crystal Creek

Getting away from the rat race and exploring our amazing country is awesome. Big Crystal Creek You seem to put the stresses of normal day-to-day life in the background and focus on what each day holds. Big Crystal Creek Unfortunately, when you finally point the car and van in the direction of home, the realisation that the way of life …

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Ironman 4×4 LED area light

Ironman 4x4 LED area light

Illuminate your nights with the Ironman 4×4 Area Light Kit providing easy, adjustable light for open areas. Ideal for camping, fishing, recreation and large outdoor spaces, the bright chip-on-board technology LED light produces 3500LM and can be extended up to 3m. With adjustable fixtures, the light can be angled to the most needed areas, while the ground stake and 5m …

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Seventeen Seventy offshore raid

Seventeen Seventy offshore

With the forecast showing a good weather window for Seventeen Seventy over the full moon in January, Jeff Sorrell decided it was the ideal time for the first trip of the new year. Seventeen Seventy offshore A quick phone call to club member Steve Watson soon had a crew put together, with Steve Barber being the third to take up …

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Land-based in lakes

Fishing any of the dozens of stocked man-made lakes in the sunshine state without a watercraft of some description can be frustratingly unproductive. Land-based in lakes This has become even more commonplace since the stocking of silver perch in large numbers east of the Great Dividing Range has ceased. Land-based in lakes Silver perch were readily caught from the shore, …

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Mini Queensland lap – Atherton and Paronella

Atherton and Paronella

After three weeks of enjoying the bush, it was finally time to head east towards the coastline for our run home. Atherton and Paronella But before we made our way to the coast, there were a couple of places left on the itinerary that needed to be checked off… Atherton Tablelands and Paronella Park. Atherton and Paronella Atherton is a …

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