The underrated sooty grunter

underrated sooty grunter

If there’s one tropical fish that is truly underrated by many anglers, it is the sooty grunter – also known as the freshwater black bream. underrated sooty grunter As the latter name suggests, sooties are fish of the freshwater – inhabiting flowing streams and dams, this fish is found from northeast Queensland though to the northern parts of the Northern …

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Layman’s guide to lithium batteries

lithium batteries

Many of our members have been going to electric troll motors as their anchoring option and while the brand of motor brings debate, probably the biggest discussion revolves around lead acid versus lithium batteries. Rob Schomberg put together this layman’s guide to lithium batteries, which may be helpful. lithium batteries Lithium batteries have been around for quite a while in …

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Exploring Inskip Point and surrounds

Exploring Inskip Point

Hi, with September on its way, hopefully COVID is under control and we’re able to move around more freely. Fishing wise I haven’t been for weeks as, after my two trips north, I’ve sort of had enough of fishing and boats. And I am selling my 5m tinnie! Exploring Inskip Point I’m downsizing and buying a 3.55m Sea Jay Nomad …

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Bassin’ with blade baits

Bassin’ blade baits

The warming weather signals the start of the edge bite and it’s time to dig out those reaction baits, ready for the shoulder dislocating strikes and screaming runs of big summer bass. Casting to the edges of the banks, weed, lilies and in among the timber, starting the retrieve and then being absolutely crunched by a big bass sees involuntary …

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Wyaralong Dorado

Wyaralong Dorado

Christmas is here again and that means school holidays too. Those of us who’ve had the fishing addiction for years tend to forget hurdles faced during the early days of our angling careers. Many young families will be starting out without a boat or access to champagne locations and premier sportfish. Children are delightfully unspoiled by the biases acquired by …

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Mini Queensland lap – Porcupine Gorge and Mt Surprise

Porcupine Gorge Surprise

After getting our dinosaur fix, it was time to visit a few more gorges. Porcupine Gorge was the next destination on our mini lap, which fellow scribe Paul Graveson wrote about last month. I hadn’t heard of Porcupine Gorge before we planned our trip, but it was impressive and definitely worth a visit. Porcupine Gorge Surprise The gorge was carved …

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Mini Queensland lap – dinosaur trails

dinosaur trails

Western Queensland is known for many things including the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame, the Qantas Founders Museum, all in Longreach, and the Tree of Knowledge, sheep shearing and more recently the site of the discovery of several dinosaur bones. In fact, Queensland has one of the largest and best collections of dinosaur fossils in …

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Mini Queensland lap – Carnarvon Gorge

Carnarvon Gorge

The state of Queensland has many beautiful spots that are well worth visiting and Carnarvon Gorge is one of them – our next destination on the mini lap. Depending on what time of year you visit will determine where you can stay because more camping and caravan spots are opened over school holiday periods. On this trip we made Takarakka …

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Mini Queensland lap – Part 1

Mini Queensland lap

My family loves caravanning and camping holidays, and earlier this year the decision was made to do a four-week adventure around Queensland, starting the week before the June July holidays and finishing a week after. Our partners in crime, or touring buddies, were family friends the Bocks – Nick, Kylie and kids Mason and Mikayla – with whom we have …

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Lake Coolmunda Caravan Park

Lake Coolmunda Caravan

The festive season is on our doorstep again and many of us are looking for a great escape for the holidays. Having three boys, I’ve always looked for somewhere that would be safe, a heap of fun and good value for money – to let them roam free without the influences of phones and computer games. Lake Coolmunda Caravan Park …

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