Eyre Peninsula and beyond – The Gap Lap Part 1

gap lap

Well, I didn’t get much fishing on the magnificent Cape York in last year because my wife Shelley and I did what we called a ‘gap lap’ around this fabulous country. So named as, for the most part, we travelled straight through Queensland and NSW – having already toured fairly widely thereabouts – to South Australia. As well, we wanted …

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Tin Can Bay Tourist Park

Tin Can Bay

If you feel like escaping the hustle and bustle of city life and need a break that’s laid back and won’t break the budget, I think I may have found the perfect place! Only a four-hour drive from the Gold Coast – or about three hours from Brisbane – is the beautiful Tin Can Bay. This area is well known …

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Solid circuit start at Stanthorpe

Traditionally, our summer holidays are either spent basking by a beach or in the boat chasing spotted mackerel and a feed of crabs. This year, we decided to try something a little different and headed west – destination Stanthorpe. With windy weather forecasted, the boat wasn’t going to get too much use and a trip to Foxbar Falls, just out …

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Trip to Cape York

cape york

Hello, here’s part two of mine and Eddy Bloomfield’s fishing trip up at Cape York. With the camp set up, I started prepping the 5m tinnie to go fishing – unstrapping the two 1.5 tonne truck straps that hold it to the trailer. This is where I reckon many people go wrong – they don’t use straps that are good …

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Dometic compact camping tents


Dometic introduces its new compact camping tent range in the APAC market, targeting 2022-23 outdoor season in the region. The new range features global design and compact sizes to fit into the back of a passenger car. The range includes a Redux recycled material model and the Pico size tent that can be carried as a backpack. With the new …

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Oztent easy durable air tents


Fast, easy and durable. The Oztent Group again brings greater ease, speed, practicality and comfort to camping with the release of two Air Tents. Known for innovation and design excellence in camping, the group’s new Oztent Air Tent 6 and Oztent Air Tent 4 embody these credentials and support Oztent’s desire to deliver awesome experiences to campers of many kinds. …

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2022 HiLux Rogue expected soon

The improved HiLux Rogue solidifies over 50 years of HiLux’s unbreakable connection with Australia. The updated four-by-four drives onto the scene later this year, featuring a wider track and increased ride height – ready to conquer even the toughest outback terrains. Live free, go Rogue Define your own path and unlock adventure in the everyday.  The 2022 HiLux Rogue, now …

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Next gen intro to K’gari


K’gari is a magical place and I’ve been very fortunate to have had the pleasure of visiting it since I was a kid. I still have fond memories of my first trip to Lake McKenzie as a young boy with my family, swimming in the crystal-clear water and watching turtles play. This year, I headed back on my annual camping …

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Prepping for an off-grid trailer boat adventure


For the outdoor, four-wheel-drive and fishing enthusiast, it doesn’t get much better than setting off-grid to an isolated part of the country with a boat in tow. For me, putting in the miles in both the car and boat to escape the crowds and exploring a new area with a group of equally keen friends is what I look forward …

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Small kitchens are the best kitchens

Small kitchens

The Australian dream is a big house with a fancy kitchen styled well enough that you could get famous online by posting cooking TikToks, right? But, given how insanely expensive houses are at the moment, is that really what we want or need? The latest book from Exploring Eden Media dispels the myth that you need a giant kitchen with …

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