Castle Glen is a magnificent looking building filled with a mix of wines, spirits and a heap of different alcohol.

Solid circuit start at Stanthorpe

Traditionally, our summer holidays are either spent basking by a beach or in the boat chasing spotted mackerel and a feed of crabs.

This year, we decided to try something a little different and headed west – destination Stanthorpe.

With windy weather forecasted, the boat wasn’t going to get too much use and a trip to Foxbar Falls, just out of Stanthorpe, would be a good test run for the Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series and JB caravan before we departed on our six-month adventure around Australia.

For this trip, our camping companions were the Bock family, who we regularly try to go away with.

The Starlink satellite issue was sorted with a new inverter that would run off an Anderson plug wired to the battery.


Unfortunately, on this excursion, the wind followed us out west, which made swimming in the lakes a more exhilarating experience than was originally expected.

The windy weather didn’t stop the kids from paddling in kayaks or on the stand-up paddle board, though travelling on in one direction was much easier than the other. Plus, we couldn’t complain too much as the cool nights meant the fire was the centre attraction for either cooking food (thanks Nick) or as the focal point when we relaxed with a few beverages.

I had planned to try to get a little fishing in while in the area, with either a cod, yellowbelly or silver perch on the list, but time did not allow because there were a few more things to finalise before heading off on our lap.

One of those was sorting out the Starlink satellite. It had worked perfectly when tested at the office but struggled when surrounded by trees, which we were camped beneath.

However, this problem was fixed after a quick discussion and a trip to the local Repco shop.

Vineyards can be fun for both kids and adults.


A few refreshments later and I soon had a new inverter that would run off an Anderson plug that had been wired to the battery.

The 200 Series LandCruiser does have a 100W plug in the back and I’ve heard a few people say it works with their Starlink, however I wanted to make sure we had enough power to run it without shorting it out.

Interestingly enough, when plugged in, the initial search saw the wattage reached 140W, which would have been getting very close to the maximum the factory fitted plug on the LandCruiser would handle.

Hence, I was happy with the decision to have the 600W inverter set up and ready for the trip – it also meant we could leave the van and still have internet when travelling with only the car.

Mount Ferguson is definitely worth the walk. It has spectacular 360-degree views.


Even with some final preparations, we did have the opportunity to explore a few of the sights around Stanthorpe too.

Initially the wives had planned to do a few wine tours, but they seemed to be lacking – possibly closed while we were there because it was the Christmas New Year period.

Despite that, we still managed to visit a couple of the local attractions, including Castle Glen, which is a magnificent looking building filled with a selection of wines, spirits and a heap of different alcohol available for purchase.

Inside was a grand fireplace that would be awesome to sit beside on a cool winter night – though you can only sample the drinks here and not actually sit at a bar or order any food.

Another place that caught our eyes was the Granite Belt Brewery, which made its own beer on site.

Situated next to a small dam, the back deck provided a nice backdrop for testing some of the local produce.

The Foxbar Falls walk is very steep, but worth doing with the correct footwear and gear.


While there is a strong focus on wine and beer in the area, Stanthorpe offers plenty more to do and see.

One shop that was very interesting was the Kent Saddlery shop, located slightly out of town.

If you are into leather or anything to do with horses, you will be impressed.

If you are into anything to do with horses, then you will need to visit The Kent Saddlery shop.


Even though we didn’t buy anything, the prices were quite reasonable.

We also visited Sam’s Fresh Fruit and Veg on the way in, where we stocked up on a heap of local produce, including a new variety of apples that are grown locally.

Foxbar Falls

Foxbar Falls has a mix of powered and non-powered sites scattered around several dams.

The dams are used as water supply for the farm you drive through to access the camping areas.

While there are both power and water, you may need a long lead and hose, as was the case for our camp.

Stanthorpe has a host of activities to keep the kids entertained, including mini golf and a maze.


I would classify it more as bush camping with a few modern conveniences.

In addition to the lake to keep the kids busy, there were a couple of walks that I strongly recommend.

One in particular was the walk up to Mount Ferguson, which meanders up the back of one of the camps.

It was a little steep but manageable if you took your time and the view at the top was awesome.

From there, you can either follow the path back down or further explore the area and check out the falls.

Unfortunately, they were not flowing while we were there, though this did allow us to walk down them.

This part of the walk was very steep – so you need to take care.


A few beautiful walks on offer around Foxbar Falls.


The Sow and Pigs Rock is another climb that can be done when you’re in the area.

Overall, the camping area was relatively basic but that was what we were after, and there’s plenty to do, if so inclined.

Alternatively, it’s a nice place to simply relax, unwind and watch the magnificent sunsets.

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