Mini Queensland lap – Big Crystal Creek

Big Crystal Creek

Getting away from the rat race and exploring our amazing country is awesome. Big Crystal Creek You seem to put the stresses of normal day-to-day life in the background and focus on what each day holds. Big Crystal Creek Unfortunately, when you finally point the car and van in the direction of home, the realisation that the way of life …

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Seventeen Seventy offshore raid

Seventeen Seventy offshore

With the forecast showing a good weather window for Seventeen Seventy over the full moon in January, Jeff Sorrell decided it was the ideal time for the first trip of the new year. Seventeen Seventy offshore A quick phone call to club member Steve Watson soon had a crew put together, with Steve Barber being the third to take up …

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Land-based in lakes

Fishing any of the dozens of stocked man-made lakes in the sunshine state without a watercraft of some description can be frustratingly unproductive. Land-based in lakes This has become even more commonplace since the stocking of silver perch in large numbers east of the Great Dividing Range has ceased. Land-based in lakes Silver perch were readily caught from the shore, …

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Mini Queensland lap – Atherton and Paronella

Atherton and Paronella

After three weeks of enjoying the bush, it was finally time to head east towards the coastline for our run home. Atherton and Paronella But before we made our way to the coast, there were a couple of places left on the itinerary that needed to be checked off… Atherton Tablelands and Paronella Park. Atherton and Paronella Atherton is a …

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Interesting facts about Cape York termite mounds

Cape York termite

While reaching the tip of Cape York or camping and fishing at your favourite Cape destination may be the main reason to travel into this magnificent region, the sights and experiences along the way are absolutely all part of the journey. Cape York termite It’s the spectacularly varied landscapes and outstanding nature that give the Cape it’s unique character. Cape …

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Cod recovery project for Brisbane River

Cod recovery Brisbane

One cloudy Sunday morning during late November saw a small gathering of volunteers huddled around the fish transportation vehicle from Hanwood Fish Hatchery, unloading a very precious cargo. Cod recovery Brisbane That shipment consisted of 5200 tiny Mary River cod fingerlings, destined for release into the upper Brisbane River and its tributaries. Cod recovery Brisbane It is important that we …

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Cape Capricorn trip

Cape Capricorn trip

I’ve been working back in Gladstone for over 12 months now and on the weekends that I don’t return to Brisbane, I’m always keen to pass the time by wetting a line if I get a chance. Cape Capricorn trip Earlier in the year, the weather gods had been fairly nice, allowing me to get out early and hit the …

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The underrated sooty grunter

underrated sooty grunter

If there’s one tropical fish that is truly underrated by many anglers, it is the sooty grunter – also known as the freshwater black bream. underrated sooty grunter As the latter name suggests, sooties are fish of the freshwater – inhabiting flowing streams and dams, this fish is found from northeast Queensland though to the northern parts of the Northern …

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Layman’s guide to lithium batteries

lithium batteries

Many of our members have been going to electric troll motors as their anchoring option and while the brand of motor brings debate, probably the biggest discussion revolves around lead acid versus lithium batteries. Rob Schomberg put together this layman’s guide to lithium batteries, which may be helpful. lithium batteries Lithium batteries have been around for quite a while in …

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Exploring Inskip Point and surrounds

Exploring Inskip Point

Hi, with September on its way, hopefully COVID is under control and we’re able to move around more freely. Fishing wise I haven’t been for weeks as, after my two trips north, I’ve sort of had enough of fishing and boats. And I am selling my 5m tinnie! Exploring Inskip Point I’m downsizing and buying a 3.55m Sea Jay Nomad …

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