Exploring Karijini National Park gorge walks


After seeing a picture of Hamersley Gorge on the front of an RACQ holiday book, a good friend and I decided we wanted to go there one day. That happened when we were both 21. It wasn’t a direct route, of course. We headed north along the coast across to the Gulf of Carpentaria, via the Northern Territory and made …

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Exploring Exmouth and surrounds


Being able to go off the grid was very important to us – we wanted that down time, which in turn led to family time. Our setup with the JB Scorpion allowed us to easily spend a week in remote areas, which we did along Cape Range National Park. Water and power are the main constraints when planning extended time …

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Cape Range National Park adventures

Cape Range National Park

Travelling and exploring our country is something I’ve been fortunate enough to do for most of my life, which is probably why I have such a passion for it. Back when I was 21, I did a lap in an old HX Kingswood panel van with a friend – who is still a good mate today. I guess that spending …

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Best of Western Australia


I totally understand how families can spend one, two or even more years travelling around our awesome country. camp It is not for everyone, yet if it’s something you’d like to do and you can make it work, I encourage all to do it – you won’t be disappointed. My main regret was not going for longer, though we do …

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Creeping up Western Australia’s coastline


We enjoyed a little downtime in Fremantle and Perth. Both were very beautiful and we would have liked to spend more time exploring them – hopefully we’ll get back in the not-too-distant future. Western Australia is a massive state and while we intended to see as much as possible, there was plenty we had to miss on this trip. When …

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Simply stunning southern WA


The coastline south of Perth, WA is littered with fantastic places to stay and explore. You could literally spend months checking it all out, and you’re only 3-4 hours from Perth. This is probably why so many people move here or why travellers end up staying for extended periods of time. In fact, there were a few places we fell …

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Managing fuel usage when towing

One of the biggest expenses on an extended trip is fuel – in my case diesel. Managing diesel usage can a make a massive difference in dollars spent or saved. Our tow vehicle was a 2018 V8 twin turbo diesel Toyota LandCruiser and we were towing a 22’6” JB Scorpion Sting caravan, which weighed about 3300-3500kg for most of the …

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Sensational south Western Australia


As much as I love the sunny state of Queensland, our counterpart on the other side of the country also has a special feel to it. Australia Thankfully, our plan of skipping poor weather in South Australia and spending more time in Western Australia turned out to be a smart choice. With my in-laws and stepson with us for a …

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Travelling to Broome along WA’s coastline


Since mid-April my family – myself, wife and daughters five and seven-years old – has been travelling Australia. We’ve spent several months making our way north along the Western Australian coastline, which has given me a new appreciation for how big our country is. Following on from my previous article, after several days of exploring the stunning ancient landscapes and …

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Spoilt for choice in southern Western Australia


After our quick foray into the outback, it wasn’t long before we were en route back to the coast. As much as we love the bush, there is something to be said about sitting on the coast, enjoying the cooling breeze as you watch the sun sink slowly over the horizon, signalling the end of another day in paradise. We …

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