Daiwa 24 Steez

Steez has a rich history in the Daiwa family as the premium flagship brand of bass fishing equipment, and a new year welcomes a new reel with the 24 Steez debuting ultimate casting design.

To achieve ultimate casting design, Daiwa have aligned four key elements, each developed to their limit and for ultimate performance.

Developing and perfecting one element was not enough, it took all parts acting together to bring ultimate casting design to life.

The four pillars are ultimate casting brake, ultimate casting line guide, ultimate casting zero adjust and ultimate casting spool.

When all four of these are harmonised, perfect casting performance is realised, resulting in the 24 Steez being the most advanced and well-rounded Steez ever created.

Daiwa’s advancements of a completely non-contact electromagnetic braking system have been under development since the introduction of Magforce braking over 20 years ago.

By creating a completely non-contact structure it eliminates all friction and therefore is not easily affected by outside factors such as moisture or humidity.

The adaptation of a two-stage variable inductor which is controlled by the spool’s rotation means performance for lightweight lures, versatility or super long casting can be achieved with Ultimate Casting Brake.

While ultimate casting design headlines the design of the 24 Steez, the new super reel features many of Daiwa finest and most loved technologies with Hyperdrive Design, UTD Drag, Infinite Ant-Reverse, Hyperdrive Digigear, and CRBB bearings delivering classic Steez strength, refinement and performance.

The realization of Ultimate Casting Design has created a new benchmark in design and a new era in casting performance.

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