Daiwa Infeet 702LRS and Infeet X 2000S-P

AFTA 2022 – Best combo winner

Daiwa has long been leading the way for light tackle sport fishing equipment.

It began with brands such as Gekkabijin, evolved to SilverWolf and now has come full circle, with the release of the 20 Infeet rod range.

Gleaned from years of experience in creating the pinnacle of finesse rod designs in Japan and Australia, combined with the insight and expertise of top Daiwa Australia pro-staff, the 20

Infeet range is like nothing ever released before.

Infeet are the most technique-specific rods to ever be released into the Australian market.

Designed with deliberately shorter butts than all other Daiwa rods before them, Infeet has benefitted from all the hours of experience from Daiwa’s research and development team and group of anglers.

The 702LRS is the all-rounder of the range and can be uttilised in almost any circumstance.

A regular taper protects timid hooksets with treble hooked baits, while the moderate yet responsive blank means twitching small soft plastics is no problem.

The 702LRS features a butt-joint construction to help the travelling angler stay within airline baggage limits.

With the release of the Infeet X reel, now you can outfit reel to lure under the Infeet family.

Built off Daiwa’s carbon composite Zaion V, the Infeet X is strong and sturdy while remaining incredibly lightweight and saltwater proof.

Both Infeet X reels exhibit shallow spools and slow gear ratios – 2000S-P only – to perfectly cater to the preferences of light-tackle anglers.

Next generation ATD Type-L drag is installed for the first time outside 22 Exist to offer the best performance with light line.

ATD Type-L lowers the start-up inertia of the drag system even more than previous ATD systems so that even the lightest 2lb line is protected when the fish strikes.

Fully equipped with CRBB corrosion resistant bearings and sporting Daiwa’s Magsealed technology, the Infeet X is a perfect choice for the keen light-tackle angler looking for a new reel.

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