Daiwa Pro Double Clutch

Daiwa Pro Double Clutch IZM 48SP-G

The Daiwa Pro Double Clutch 48 has been designed specifically for Australia as the ultimate finesse twitchbait.

Featuring Daiwa’s patented silent gravity oscillation weight transfer system, the Double Clutch 48 exhibits unmatched responsiveness when twitching.

The key to the S-GOS system is that it shifts the centre of gravity of the bait on every twitch, making the lure shift and pivot differently with each movement of the rod tip.

Perfectly suited to both fresh and saltwater, the DC48 will suspend in freshwater and slowly rise in salt.

Fitted with BKK Spear 21SS treble hooks, it is ready to fish straight out of the package in a variety of fish catching colours.

Retails for about $24.99 each.

Visit daiwafishing.com.au

The Daiwa story

The essence of life’s journey stretches beyond the boundaries of work and day-to-day life and is found in the things that feed our soul and engage and nurture our senses. The lure of nature, the draw of the aquatic world, and the attraction and connection with what they have to offer is what fuels us as anglers.

For Daiwa this attraction, this connection with nature is more than just a part of life, it is our life, and for over 60 years we’ve been driven and inspired to create and deliver anglers the most advanced and dynamic fishing gear the world has to offer.

Fishing gear that will allow you to tackle the diverse and expansive fishing this planet has to offer, and provide you with the ultimate angling experience.

Daiwa is born to fish, and built to inspire.

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