Double Clutch

Double Clutch 48SP

THE famous Daiwa Double Clutch family welcomes its newest and smallest member with the arrival of the 48SP.

Designed as the ultimate finesse twitchbait, the Double Clutch 48 features Daiwa’s patented silent gravity oscillation weight transfer system, delivering unmatched casting performance and Double Clutch’s unmatched responsiveness when twitched and worked.

The key to the S-GOS system is that it shifts the bait’s centre of gravity on every twitch, making the lure shift and pivot differently with each movement of the rod tip.

Perfectly suited to both fresh and salt, the Double Clutch suspends in freshwater and slowly rises in saltwater.

Fitted with ultra-sticky BKK Spear 21SS treble hooks, the DC48 is ready to fish straight out of the pack and is available in an expansive array of fish catching colours.

The legend and the family continue to grow with the new finesse Double Clutch 48SP.

From the moment Daiwa’s first reel rolled off the line in 1958, their mission has been to build the best quality fishing products on the market by engineering the most technological advanced reels available. Patented technologies have shaped the industry and the products have taken the global angling experience to a new level.


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