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formula 4x4 lift kit leaf spring and rear shock absorber installed FULCRUM Suspensions, also known as the ‘Suspension Specialists’, aims to provide you with the highest-quality suspension service and best available product range.

Diagnosing your car with both highly experienced technicians and the latest suspension technology, our team is dedicated to always giving you the best suspension solutions suited for your vehicle. Fulcrum Suspensions recently launched its new eCommerce website where its Formula 4×4 Range is available to buy online! These products can either be sent directly to you, picked up at your local Fulcrum Dealer or fitted at your local Fulcrum Dealer.

Formula 4×4 Lift Kits have been engineered by Fulcrum to ensure the ride quality of the vehicle is not compromised. A Formula Lift Kit takes into consideration the maximum lift that can be achieved for a specific vehicle. As lifting a four-wheel-drive significantly alters the suspension geometry and requires an ‘individualistic’ approach to wheel alignment.

This is the approach that needs to be taken by your installer. Our Fulcrum stores are fully equipped to take this approach with every vehicle. Fulcrum stocks the best 4×4 kits covering a range of applications. If you’re looking to get a 4×4 lift kit to upgrade your suspension, you can now use the online search to find the best-suited 4×4 kit for your vehicle. You can search by make and model of your vehicle and are provided with a results page of suited suspension kits. There is also an option to search suspension kits by brand.

Each listing also supplies a detailed description of each kit as well as tech specs. Whether your vehicle is used to carry heavy loads or tackle tough off-road tracks, the Fulcrum website will help you find the best 4×4 lift kit for your vehicle. By choosing the vehicle’s use type, front load and rear load, Fulcrum’s search filter will automatically determine the best kit. At the end of the process you still have the option to contact the online support team to double check the kit.

Fulcrum’s Formula lift kits take into consideration the maximum lift that can be achieved for a specific vehicle by looking at the ability to correct camber and caster angles and any changes to driveline inclination angles. Many Formula 4×4 Lift Kits come supplied with SuperPro bushings that have been specifically designed to ‘tune’ 4WD suspension systems. Long service-life shackle bushings, caster correction bushings, setback correction kits, camber correction kits and complete new camber/caster adjustable control arms ensure wheel alignment correction is possible.

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