gamakatsu long-shank hooks

Gamakatsu Long-Shank Black hooks

IF you are a serious fisho, there’s only one hook choice and Gamakatsu is it.

Gamakatsu hooks are the benchmark in high-quality, chemically sharpened Japanese steel fishing hooks and a black colour option has been added to the existing long-shank red.

Long-shank hooks are versatile and perfect for worms, pipis, prawns and cut flesh baits either fished from a boat or land.
They are ideal for kids starting out because they are available in a wide variety of fish-catching sizes and are also easy for removing fish quickly, often without touching the fish at all.

In addition, the long shank offers protection from toothy species such as leatherjacket, a wharf staple for young anglers.
Beach anglers are also extensive users of this hook style for whiting and bream, while boat anglers will find them effective at catching yellowtail and slimy mackerel, allowing a quick turnover from de-hooking a fish to getting another bait in the water.

This new colour is available in sizes from 12 up to 2 and in pre-packs and 25 packs.

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