Great Sandy Marine Park Zoning Plan

The new zoning plan came into effect May 21, 2024.

Located in Queensland’s Wide Bay-Burnett region, the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service manages the Great Sandy Marine Park.

The management arrangements for this marine park are detailed in its zoning plan.

The zoning plan identifies four different zones within the marine park, what kind of activities can be undertaken in each and the levels of protection to maintain environments and habitats.

Marine national park zones

‘Green zones’ are essentially ‘look but don’t take’ zones, in which activities such as fishing and collecting are prohibited.

No-take activities such as boating, diving and photography are allowed.

Conservation park zone

Restrictions apply to most other activities conducted in this zone.

Line fishing is limited to two lines or rods and two hooks or lures per person.

When trolling, a maximum of two lines or rods with a combined total of two hooks can be used per person.

Only four catch devices may be used per person for crabbing.

Habitat protection zone

Habitat protection zones are located over areas that contain sensitive habitats.

Most activities are allowed in the habitat protection zones, but trawling is prohibited.

General use zone

The light blue or general use zones aim to provide for conservation while providing opportunities for reasonable use.

Most activities are allowed in the zone, but some require a permit.

If you fish the waters of Hervey Bay and surrounds, Fisheries Queensland has launched the ‘Can I fish here’ map and side menu information in its free Qld Fishing 2.0 app.

The app has been updated with the new zoning for the Great Sandy Marine Park, which came into effect on 21 May.

Simply update it on your device for the changes to take effect.

Click here to read more about the development of the new zoning plan for the Great Sandy Marine Park.zoning

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