Halco Madeye Flutter Shrimp

The Flutter Shrimp soft plastic bait by Halco Madeye is another highly durable lure created with rubber stretch technology.

Designed to out-fish and out-last other soft plastics on the market, the 2.5” Flutter Shrimp has a small profile, proving to be dynamite on tentative fish and smash bream.

The thin lightweight and durable tail gives the ultimate underwater action when swimming.

This Flutter Shrimp soft plastic has a lifelike ‘tail-up’ flutter action that is ideal for targeting a range of species.

Available in five colours, the 2.5” Madeye Flutter Shrimp is perfect for all your jigging requirements.

Ten baits per pack at a recommended retail price of $10.50.

Madeye Soft Plastics

After years of hard body lure design and manufacturing, Halco has forged a new path into the soft plastic industry.

New soft plastic Rubber Stretch Technology ensures the Halco Madeyes range reflects our ethos of a high quality, strike-effective product. We are determined to push the boundaries of traditional soft plastic colours and shapes.

Rubber Stretch Technology

Madeye’s RST (Rubber Stretch Technology) is a unique rubber copolymer that possesses 2 advantages over standard soft plastics.

RST is up to 5x more durable than standard plastic, and is also boyant, enabling the lure to float and wriggle when sitting on the bottom.

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