Honda Intelligent Shift and Throttle

HONDA is excited to announce the launch of Honda Intelligent Shift and Throttle.

iST is a drive-by-wire electronic shift and throttle system designed to provide flawless communication between the operator, outboard engine and boat. Honda iST ensures smooth and easy gear shifting, precise throttle control and Trolling Control as a feature. In addition, engine synchronisation is possible on multiple engine installations. Honda iST is initially available on Honda’s BF250 engine, compatible with installations of up to four engines and capable of being operated from either one or two helm control stations.

The stylish, modern binnacle control heads feature power trim and tilt functions and a Warm Up mode that locks the gearshift in neutral while still allowing limited throttle operation. Trolling Control provides incremental slow speed control, which can be programmed to suit individual requirements, making it especially useful for fishing enthusiasts. A Docking mode restricts throttle lever response to ensure controlled boat manoeuvring when docking or in restricted areas such as marinas. The control head allows throttle lever friction level adjustment to suit individual preferences and easy selection of active helm station on dual-station boats.

A user configuration mode allows changes to be made to the trolling speed increments, with easy to operate large buttons to increase or decrease speed. The Honda iST Trolling Control operates throughout the RPM range, acting like a cruise control function at higher speeds. The multi-engine control unit offers all the above features as well as engine RPM and power trim and tilt synchronisation. Once the engines have been synchronised they will operate at the same speed and trim position using just the port hand lever and controls.

A Home to Port backup system is incorporated, which permits limited Honda iST operation in the unlikely event of a system malfunction. An integrated on-board diagnostic system is included in the control head to reduce fault diagnostic time at the Honda dealer.

Honda iST features a Start In Gear Protection mechanism that allows the engine to start even if in gear.

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The engine will remain in a ‘neutral position’ until the gear lever is brought back to the neutral point, therefore resetting the Honda iST electronic control unit. This allows the customer to once again select forward or reverse gear.

Installation of Honda iST has been designed to be quick and easy, with no special tools required. A plug and play communication cable runs between the Honda iST-equipped engine and the control head, followed by simple system configuration if required by the customer.

All Honda outboards come with an industry-leading 7+year domestic warranty and 3+year commercial warranty and are backed by a network of highly trained Honda service staff located across Australia.

Use Honda’s dealer locator service at to locate your closest Honda Marine dealer. Full terms and conditions are available in store and on the Honda Marine website

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