Hydro Float Fishing 3-in-1 fishing float

HYDRO Float Fishing is the Australian fishing company changing the game when it comes to innovative and dynamic fishing floats.

Combining the intellect of a dedicated aeronautical engineer and a testing team of professional fishers, Hydro Float Fishing has created the HYDROX3. This three-in-one fishing float can be used as a float, popper or teaser depending on the type of fish you’re on the hunt for. So how does the HYDROX3’s three-in-one system work?

Fishing float

As a fishing float for day or night use, HYDROX3 features glow in the dark end caps. By using a flashlight, you can quickly charge the end caps before casting into the dark. Removable end caps add diversity to your fishing experience by allowing internal access to the float.

hydro float fishing 3

hydro float fishing 2

Simply add rattle balls to increase attraction, glow sticks for extra luminosity or weights to increase casting distance.


As a popper, HYDROX3’s tough polycarbonate body can be rigged with heavy mono or wire. Simply attach hooks and weight to achieve the ideal cast and popping action.


As a teaser, the HYDROX3 can be rigged in a number of ways to attract fish to your trailing lure. You can chain-rig multiple teasers to enhance effect or simply add buoyancy. The unique design of the HYDROX3 creates an amazing action when trolled at speed. Hydro Float Fishing’s patent pending three-in-one design allows you to easily adjust the HYDROX3 so you can target your approach to land-based or offshore fishing, the species you’re hunting or the time of day you’re wetting a line.

These interchangeable features and the impact-resistant polycarbonate body create the ultimate fishing float for every angler.

Hydro Float Fishing is an Australian-owned company and the HYDROX3 has been engineered and tested to handle the toughest sportfishing off our shores. The HYDROX3 has a RRP of $17.99 and it is available online now at hydrofloatfishing.com.au

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