Infeet Rollin’ Crank

Infeet Rollin’ Crank MR and DR

Spring and summer traditionally herald the arrival of crankbait season and the Infeet Rollin’ Crank is the ultimate finesse crank for the Aussie angler.

Developed to give anglers the perfect bite size crank option the 32mm Infeet Rollin’ Crank is available in two depths – MR and DR – and is the perfect bait for Australia’s diverse estuaries.

The MR will reach a depth of 1.3m and is the ideal bait for flats and shallow floating structure.

Getting down to depth quickly with a tight wobble and the ability to swim at slow speed make the MR Crank ideal for a slow roll style retrieve.

The DR is a tailor-made bait for fishing deeper areas of the estuary such as rubble and rock walls.

A careful weight placement creates instant traction on the retrieve getting the DR Crank to its maximum 2m depth quickly.

The bib shape creates a searching style action and deflects off structure with ease, a key factor in triggering bites from predators.

The Infeet Rollin’ Crank may be small in size, but it is a consistent catcher of large fish and is a worthy addition to any estuary angler’s tacklebox.


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