Jarvis Walker Brands Multi-Use Scarf

JARVIS Walker Brands has released a Multi-Use Scarf that is as affordable as it is comfortable and handy.

The Multi-Use Scarf is made of a 212gsm polyester-spandex blend that offers UPF30+ UV protection.

The fabric is moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry and is finished with an anti-bacterial treatment for hygiene, comfort and longevity.

A Multi-Use Scarf is great for hot and cold conditions and as the name suggests, it has many uses: as face and neck protection from the sun, cold, wind or dust; as a lightweight neck scarf, bandana, balaclava or beanie; and it can even be used as a sweatband for the head or hand to help keep you dry during a hot day outdoors.

The Multi-Use Scarf comes in three sublimated designs: the Jarvis Walker Bluewater ocean graphic, Jarvis Walker Mahi Mahi underwater image, or the Watersnake Blue Snake pattern.

This great-value sun, wind, cold and dust protection is ideal for fishing, boating and camping, and is just as handy for any other outdoor activity where a lightweight and breathable, moisture-wicking scarf can help keep you comfortable.

Visit jarviswalker.com.au for more information.

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