Jewfish season in Moreton Bay

Well winter cold has come and not a minute late either. With cooling water temps and schooling fish comes the jew run for SEQ. This time of the year sees lots of fish finding deep holes to sit and feed.

Targeting these fish can be a game in its own, from baits to lures hey will eat them all. Most guys these days are using vibes such as the zerek fish trap 120mm to hit the deep-water holes and slow hop them around till they get bite

A new fad to hit this year is sinking big swimbaits down deep and work these fish up with a slow roll. Most live baits will work for jew, however big mullet and prawns seem to be getting most bites recently.  Running a small sinker to keep the bait as natural as possible in deep water with strong currents is key, as anchoring baits usually attracts pest species

The Brisbane river is well known for jew, but they can be caught throughout the bay. Around Green Island, Peel Island and Mud Island are also common haunts for these ghosts. Time on the water is key for these fish. Put the effort in and you will eventually figure these mighty fish to a tee.

Start simple, use your sounder and look for fish. Once you have a school sounded, mix up your retrieves and lures. There is more then one way to catch a jew and more people are starting to realise it.

Land-based anglers can also join in on the fun as they an be caught along rock walls and foreshores during this time. Don’t cast to far as they will hang quite close to the structure. See if you can find holes or edges on low tides that they may sit in on the high tide to feed. Also look for where the bait is sitting as the jew won’t be far.

For more winter tips for fishing Moreton Bay, click here!

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