New Majorcraft Egi Zo colours

The Majorcraft Egi Zo range continues to grow with the addition of 11 new colours to bring the total collection to 31.

This is the most comprehensive range of Egi jig colours ever assembled by Majorcraft.

The new colours have been developed by Dr Egi himself – Ryuji Sonoda – who has been responsible for numerous top performing colours in Japan across all styles of jigs.

As per the previous colour drop in December 2020, these new colours have cover glow, blue glow, UV and standard effects.

These are impregnated into the clear body of the jig, not the cloth colouring.

The glow is effective in situations where you are looking for high appeal.

In areas such as muddy water and even at night, this colour will be the difference.

It is considered in Japan to be an excellent prospecting or searching colour.

Blue glow is considered an all-rounder, suitable for night and day.

They say that blue glow is identified easily by squid and therefore is an excellent colour to draw in hungry squid.

The UV is an exceptional daytime option.

The UV absorbs and emits ultra-violet rays and emits that light.

It is a proven attractor for squid in high-pressure locations.

There are too many colour combinations to list but oranges, purples, blues, pinks and olives are all well represented.

With a comprehensive line-up of class leading jigs, Majorcraft Egi Zo continue to deliver with their sharp nose that encourages a quick darting action, while on the body, a side edge ensures the jig falls with stable attitude.

A slow sink rate makes them stay in the strike zone longer.

Perfect for areas with low flow and shallow depth.

From $16.95.


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