Majorcraft JigPara Short

A leading name in fishing tackle innovation, Majorcraft is thrilled to announce the release of its latest collection of JigPara Short weights and lure colours.

These meticulously crafted lures showcase Majorcraft’s commitment to excellence and dedication to meeting the evolving needs of anglers worldwide.

The JigPara Short series introduces three new damage colours and a new black with silver flash.

The high-definition damage scale pattern gives the appearance of a bait that has been previously attacked by a predator.

The highly reflective scale pattern brilliantly reflects light, giving them a high appeal for hungry fish.

The JigPara Short series also expands with new weights of 80g and 100g in a multitude of colours including the realistic Live range.

The JigPara Short series is perfectly capable as an offshore traditional jig or a shore-based jig, coming with a treble rigged on the rear.

For those who appreciate the art of slow-pitch jigging, the Short jig comes pre-rigged with both front and back hooks, making it versatile for casting from boats or the shore and suitable for vertical use.

Featuring a ‘tough body’ with a five-layer coating for maximum durability, this jig is available in weights ranging from 20-60g, delivering a tight shimmer action ideal for inshore fishing.

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