Megabass Or Poi (Product News)

THE Megabass brand oozes quality, and here in Australia has taken its unbelievable lure design talents to the bluewater market with the introduction of the Or Poi.

This 150mm floating stickbait-style lure was engineered specifically for offshore speedsters such as mahi mahi, bluefin, longtail and yellowfin tuna, yellowtail kings and mackerel. Designed with a fat belly and flat sides, the Or Poi generates an erratic darting and skipping action that attracts attention from a wide area.

Megabass or Poi (2)

When stationary, the lure hangs almost vertically, ensuring speedsters that attack the back end of a bait such as mackerel will still find a contact point, with strong trebles hanging from the rear and halfway points of the lure.

This almost vertical stationary position also ensures fish targeting prey just under the surface will readily find the lure. The hanging angle occurs thanks to the careful weighting Megabass has developed, meaning this tail-weighted lure casts true, fast and long, offering great accuracy even in windy conditions.

Constructed of a thick and tough ABS plastic body with stainless through wire, you can be confident you have the strength to fight powerful fish. Available in four lifelike colours: G Pink Head, GLX Metal Red Eye, GLX Seguro Iwashi and GLX Live Iwashi, the Or Poi is 145mm long and weighs 47g.

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