Mercury 1750hp competition engine

Mercury Racing’s most powerful engine – 1750hp

PRODUCING an astounding 1750hp, the QC4v 1750 Competition sterndrive is the most powerful engine ever produced by Mercury Racing.

The new engine – released at the Miami International Boat Show – is a racer’s dream, offering massive torque for unmatched acceleration and top-end speeds. Designed, developed and manufactured in house, the nine-litre engine features Mercury Racing’s exclusive aluminum four-valve cylinder heads and dual overhead camshaft valvetrain. This proven valvetrain greatly enhances engine performance and durability, producing its massive horsepower at 6800rpm.

The proprietary V8 cylinder block is further packed with Mercury Racing-designed and specified hardware. New turbochargers provide greater airflow for enhanced power and torque, which equates to unparalleled acceleration, critical for powering out of corners in highly competitive race situations. Digital Throttle & Shift provides luxury-car-like drivability.

The DTS system also features one-touch Smart Start and automatic throttle synchronisation. Zero Effort Digital controls provide an intuitive control experience – precisely signalling driver intent to the potent powerhouse. The 1750hp engine is close-cooled for more uniform temperature distribution with an all-new race-proven heat exchanger. Engine oil and glycol in the closed cooling system are routed around the engine via a series of tubes that are encapsulated in a casting filled with sea/river water which serves as a coolant.

The heat exchanger provides for a higher seawater flow rate for enhanced cooling.  Mercury Racing’s proprietary pulse-separated exhaust tuning keeps the turbos ‘spooled up’, virtually eliminating throttle lag and low-end torque deficit.

Advanced electronics

The Propulsion Control Module, featuring Mercury Racing developed software, is the brain behind the brawn. A boost control valve, electronically activated by the PCM microprocessor, continuously adjusts the amount of turbocharger boost needed to provide consistent horsepower. The PCM also enables individual cylinder control. This ability to optimise fuel and spark timing independently for each cylinder enhances engine running quality, performance, fuel economy and durability. The use of eight independent ignition coils helps eliminate spark plug fouling.

Finally, the PCM drives Mercury Racing’s exclusive Engine Guardian System, which monitors engine functions to forewarn of possible problems that could lead to engine damage. This smart technology not only detects and alerts the boater of a problem, it also processes the data and reduces power to a maximum safe level that allows the boater to continue operation with lower risk of engine damage.

The drive and hydraulic transmission are designed to handle the 1750’s high torque and power levels. At the same time, the transmission, designed specifically for DTS, delivers smooth and consistent shifts.  The massive torque and power output of the new 1750 is transferred to the water via Mercury Racing’s Pro Finish five and six-blade CNC sterndrive propellers.

The 1750hp engine comes equipped with a 95A charging system, providing an ample supply of power for an array of marine electronics. Contact your Mercury Racing dealer for availability.

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