The all-new V10 350hp SeaPro outboard.

Mercury releases all-new V10 350hp SeaPro outboard

Mercury Marine, a division of Brunswick Corporation, introduced the 5.7 litre V10 350hp SeaPro outboard at the Miami International Boat Show recently.

Engineered for commercial applications, this outboard combines the latest innovations and advanced technologies from Mercury’s all-new V10 outboard platform, with the performance, durability and reliability customers have come to know and expect from the SeaPro brand.

Mercury Marine president John Buelow said, “We continue to see an incredible response to the recently introduced V10 platform we introduced last year and are pleased to offer the V10 SeaPro outboard, specifically tailored to the needs of the commercial market.”

“Demand among commercial operators for reliable high-horsepower outboards with connected digital technologies has grown significantly in recent years.

“We engineered the 350hp outboard to exceed their expectations.”

In addition to the V10 SeaPro outboard, Mercury also launched an advanced electric steering system.

Instead of hydraulics, the system utilises a compact electric steering actuator – freeing up space in the boat while allowing for cleaner transom rigging.

In addition, it consumes less than half the electrical power as electro-hydraulic steering – leaving more power for running other onboard accessories.

The system is compatible with all Mercury V10 and V8 Verado and SeaPro outboards with the Advanced MidSection, as well as Mercury Racing 450R and 300R outboards with Racing AMS.

“We are also excited to launch electric steering,” John said.

“The system provides a premium boating experience with enhanced steering responsiveness and quiet hydraulic-free operation.

“Our builder and dealer partners will also appreciate how fast it is to install.”

Mercury electric steering is available for multi-engine boats with compatible engines in April and will be available for single-engine boats in late 2023.

The all-new advanced electric steering system.


The V10 SeaPro outboard features and benefits include:

  • Efficient all-around performance – calibrated to deliver full performance on standard 91 RON fuel, the V10 SeaPro outboard also features efficiency-enhancing technologies such as advanced range optimisation
  • Easy to maintain – with an industry-exclusive top-cowl access door that allows oil to be checked or topped off without cowl removal, and gearcase oil can easily be drained from the torpedo
  • Heavy duty gearcase – with advanced hydrodynamics for control, efficiency and durability, the gearcase is validated at three times the lifespan of recreational gearcases
  • Reliability and durability – high-horsepower SeaPro engines such as the V10 outboard generate ample torque at lower RPM levels, enabling operators to work their outboards hard without placing excess stress on the engine
  • Industry exclusive battery management technology – the idle charge battery management system monitors battery voltage and when necessary, adjusts engine RPM at idle to boost alternator output
  • Exceptionally smooth and quiet – recision-tuned intake and exhaust, combined with fuel-injector covers, minimise noise for more comfortable all-day operating, and the V10 SeaPro model is 28 percent quieter at cruise than a leading competitor
  • High-output alternator – a 150-amp alternator helps support a heavy load of onboard accessories
  • Adaptive speed control – maintains engine RPM despite changes in load or conditions, with no throttle adjustment
  • Digital throttle and shift controls – standard DTS controls deliver smooth quiet shifting and instant throttle response with the option to integrate the latest SmartCraft digital technologies
  • Joystick piloting for outboards and electric steering – the V10 SeaPro outboard is compatible with Mercury joystick piloting for outboards for approved multi-engine applications, as well as the latest Mercury electric steering system, with JPO providing fingertip control to move forward, sideways or even rotate in place for easy, confident manoeuvres in tight spaces and electric steering enhancing handling and responsiveness for exceptional vessel control, particularly when using JPO.

The V10 SeaPro outboard will be available in the second half of 2023.

To find out more about the all-new Mercury V10 350hp SeaPro and the advanced electric steering system visit

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