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Moncross Megabox Multi Minnow Box

THE Moncross tackle box range includes compact, application-specific trays constructed from materials that do not react with Z-Man 10X Tough plastics, along with Walker Boxes, Deeper Boxes, Allround Boxes and a range of double-sided boxes, offering anglers greater flexibility in tackle management.

The range of Megabox Multi Minnow Boxes from Moncross are double-sided and allow you to secure your hard-bodied lures without the worry of them tangling, while also making it quick and easy to locate the lure you’re looking for thanks to the clear lids.

These double-sided boxes are also ideal for storing squid jigs. Constructed from heavy-duty PC and PP material for higher and lower temperature endurance, along with high impact resistance, they come in Smoke Black colour with clear lids.

Deep compartments are ideal for lures with heavy-duty or upgraded trebles and the ‘V’ shape of these compartments keeps the lures secure during transport.
They are available in three sizes to suit a variety of lures.

  • MEG-130-B – Holds 13 lures up to 130mm in length (220 x 137 x 53.5mm);
  • MEG-145-B – Holds 13 lures up to 145mm in length (220 x 152 x 53.5mm); and
  • MEG-165-B – Holds 17 lures up to 165mm in length (271 x 171 x 53.5mm).

If you’re looking for a storage solution to keep your hard-bodied lures and squid jigs secure, tangle free and sorted for easy selection when the bite is on, check out the range of Moncross Megabox Multi Minnow Boxes available now.
SRP: MEG-130B $15.95; MEG-145B $17.95; and MEG-165B $19.95.

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