My Lure Box Soft Glides

Soft Glides catch fish that most anglers only ever dream about.

After 20 plus years of designing and testing lures, My Lure Box is putting its best lures in your hands.

It can be fished slowly and simply to remarkable effect, creating those hair-raising memories that’ll last a lifetime.

The Soft Glide’s unique features trigger trophy sized fish.

Features include an ultra responsive tail with a 225mm realistic fish profile, level fall in the water puts this lure in a class of its own, longer casting range, more hook points, a custom built

XEWG worm hook, rigged with a twist lock, lumo beads and two 4X super sharp trebles, an extra-large scent chamber and large holographic eyes.

The Soft Glide swims like it’s got a heartbeat.

Each packet contains:
• One fully rigged Soft Glide
• Two spare bodies

Spare rigging available.

Check out the QR code on the packet for a guide to fishing Soft Glides, where My Lure Box shares its best tips to ramp your giant flathead fishing up to another level.


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