New Berkley Outboards and Trolling Motors

WITH the arrival of the first containers of motors in September and October, global distributor of the new Berkley outboards and trolling motors M1 Distribution is excited by the potential in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

International business director Greg Byford said, “After our successful launch of the Berkley outboards and trolling motors in North America and Europe in late 2014 and early 2015, the ANZ markets were a natural extension for our product range.”

“We know how much Aussies and Kiwis love to fish and our product range allows them to pursue that pastime.”

With a three-year warranty on the full range of two and four-stroke outboards as well as a 12-month warranty on the trolling motor range, Berkley motors are also supported by a network of qualified service agents around Australia and New Zealand.

M1 motors

For further information on the Berkley outboard range or if you are interested in buying a motor, email or visit the website at

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  1. Bought 1 of these from franklin marine. I had no end of problems and no backup

    • I bought one of these from franklin marine two months ago. I have had nothing but pleasure in its use since. 5HP 2 stroke short shaft. No cause to return the motor or call back with any problem. No problem at all. Used several days a week. First pull start, for my partner as well. Still not fully run-in but plenty of grunt and has a sweet note. Early days perhaps, but Jon’s experience is in stark contrast to mine.

  2. Berkley went BUST. No support or spare parts. Just anther company trying to bring in a new outboard range with zero experience, support, dealer network or spares

    • Hidea Outboards Australia and setting up a full dealer network around Australia, have been in business over ten years Internationally. These guys will do well in Australia, because there outboards are well designed, similar to the old force outboards that Merc bought out many years ago. Full support, good quality and cheaper spares and have a full three year warranty. Hidea only manufacture outboards only. Models range From 2.5 hp 2 strokes up to 60 EFI four stroke engines. Other larger models from 110hp to 300 EFI models available in the next two years.

      Warehouse and head office in based in Bayswater VIC, Australia. Check out

      • Beware everyone. Berkley outboards which failed due to poor quality here in australia were from the hidea factory. This brand has had several attempts in selling into australia under several names which have all failed due to poor quality and no support. They think changing the name each time it going to fool people. They have been called Hidea, senovo, maxus, onyx, quantum and so on. Steer well clear of this brand if you want to save yourself a headache.
        They are doing the rounds again

    • Yamaha parts are the same.

  3. Hi I purchased a 5 horsepower Berkeley in 2000 17. It runs and sounds nice, but it is slow it has no go go. I bought it off eBay and it was smooth transaction for 830 bucks total. The 4-stroke starts right up no problems it’s clean-looking quiet. I wish I would have known more about Outboards because if I ever buy another one like this I’m going to investigate a thoroughly because I want the fastest quietest motor out there whatever it is. From beautiful San Diego Mission Bay. Iran the boat a 10-footer would just myself and minimal gear.

  4. I just bought a used 20hp Berkley outboard and it works beautifully so far.
    But I can’t find a scrap of info online. Help does anyone have a website listing the owners manual or parts list, please????

  5. 2014 4 stoke Berkley outboard pillar pump and housing

  6. Hi where can I buy parts .I need a prop

  7. I am looking for a propeller for a burkley outboard

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