New Mercury 115hp Pro XS FourStroke

IT’S simple – Mercury’s new 115hp Pro XS FourStroke outboard delivers significantly better performance than any other 115hp outboard on the market today. With a design based on the popular and proven Mercury 115hp FourStroke, the new 115hp Pro XS is 4 percent lighter than its nearest competitor. At the same time, the new engine’s 2.1-litre displacement is one of the highest in its class. It’s an unbeatable combination that delivers greater torque and performance.

This engine also has outstanding durability, with the 115hp Pro XS tested mercilessly to ensure reliability; enduring log strikes, saltwater spray booths, high-humidity chambers and thousands of hours of running time.
In addition, the new 115hp Pro XS offers a range of exclusive options:
• Charging system – an automatic system monitors battery voltage and if it falls then the engine’s idling level is increased in 25rpm steps up to 800rpm and stays there until voltage returns to normal.
• A 25” (63cm) shaft is available in addition to the standard 20” (50cm) shaft, which makes this engine an ideal option to power or repower a wide range of boats, particularly 5-6m aluminum and fibreglass boats.
• The addition of a Command Thrust gearcase makes the new 115hp Pro XS compatible with Mercury’s larger-diameter propellers, which will help the engine lift heavy boats onto the plane easier and hold them there at lower speeds.

Mercury’s Pro XS outboards have a hard-earned a reputation for superior hole shot, top-end speed and durability, and the new 115hp Pro XS fits right in.

• Fastest top speed: The 115hp Pro XS is up to 4.8km/h faster than its nearest competitor. The engine’s higher rpm range delivers improved performance out of an already powerful engine.
• Quickest acceleration: Tests prove the 115hp Pro XS has better acceleration.
• Idle Charge: This new feature provides up to 48 percent more battery charging at idle speed to support the greater power demands of today’s sophisticated marine electronics and accessories. What’s more, it means people can safely stay on the water for longer.
• Higher full-throttle rpm: Increasing engine rpm from 6000 to 6300rpm allows prop pitch to be reduced, resulting in maximum performance benefits.

As well as all that, the new 115hp Pro XS delivers easy maintenance so boaters can spend less time servicing the engine and more time on the water. The motor also boasts superior protection against corrosion and the elements thanks to Mercury’s industry-leading ultra-low copper content alloys, and comes as standard with Mercury’s industry-leading 3+2=5 warranty that’s factory backed and fully transferable.

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