rhino-rack spade

New Rhino-Rack spade

EQUIPPED for an adventure that veers you down the ‘road less travelled’ or takes you ‘off the beaten track’?

There are some essentials to have with you and your vehicle, and the new Rhino-Rack spade is one such item. When you’re off-roading, overlanding or adventuring with mates, the quality of your tools is one of the most important considerations. Quality ensures they’re in working condition every time they’re needed and minimises the need for maintenance.

The strength of the new spade from Rhino-Rack lies in its solid dual-core construction, which is crafted and reinforced using heavy-duty heat-treated high-carbon steel and finished with zinc plating and powder coating, resulting in a reliable tool with maximum strength and rust protection.

The Rhino-Rack spade is detailed with a slip-resistant grip so that when you’re down and dirty it doesn’t get away from you. It’s designed for comfort, ease of use and convenience. Rhino-Rack’s spade is a compact 42” in length for increased manoeuvrability under vehicles. Its compact size also aids in storage, whether you keep it inside the vehicle or utilise a mounting bracket.

The versatile spade allows you to dig out your vehicle when it gets stuck in the sand or mud, or assisting with many other adventure-related events. Whether unforeseen or expected, it will always come in handy. The spade has a RRP of $49.

For more information on the entire Rhino-Rack range, visit rhinorack.com.au

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