New Savwinch stainless steel motor series

INTRODUCING the brand-new Savwinch Stainless Steel Motor Signature Series.

Designed locally and made exclusively for Savwinch, these are 316 stainless steel motors, not just a cover. The Savwinch Stainless motors have 20 percent more power and speed compared to similar brands.

Machined to fine tolerances and utilising O-ring seals, the stainless steel motors are completely submersible without the use of sealants or glues, meaning no more concerns about water ingress or corrosion.

Savwinch is a well-established 10-plus year Australian business manufacturing electric drum-style boat anchor winches and accessories to supply Australia, New Zealand and the world.

Savwinch products have long set the standard for quality, performance and ease of operation, having won multiple awards including a recent International Innovation Award.

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