nomad design madscad

Nomad Design Madscad

STYLED on the typical deep-bellied baitfish that are so prevalent all over the globe, the Nomad Design Madscad has been designed to be effective in all environments, in a range of sizes for a huge variety of species.

This design has been refined over years of testing and many prototypes along the way. Subtle features such as the flattened top of the head, scalloped sides and small tail wings all combine to make the action on this lure truly dynamic.

The Madscad sinks level and wiggles much like a small stick minnow you would use for bream. It has an erratic swimming action when twitched, producing a pronounced thumping side-to-side darting action. You can employ a straight retrieve as well, which will give a more subtle swimming motion.

The fast-sinking 190mm/160g version can even be trolled at 15 knots. The larger sizes are ideal for tuna, GTs, mackerel and kingfish, with the smaller sizes perfect for all sizes and shapes of reef dwellers, tuna, smaller trevally, salmon and kingfish.

You name it and it’s probably been caught on a Madscad. By far the most popular shape in the Nomad Design range, the Madscad is the must-have lure for so many anglers. Built with the same HD ABS plastic, foam-filled body and machine-stamped metal plate on all Nomad Design lures, the 190mm and 150mm sizes are tough enough for any bluewater predator.

The 115mm size features a unique full-wire system that has been tested to be the strongest in the industry. No more ripped-out hook points or busted lures with Nomad Designs. Finally, the 95mm Madscad is a very effective barramundi and mangrove jack lure when twitched slowly amongst structure.

All Nomad Design lures come fitted with the highest-quality super-strong BKK hooks, chosen to balance perfectly with each lure and provide exceptional swimming actions and hook-up rates for all species. Nomad Design lures can be fished straight out of the box with confidence.

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