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Noosa – weekly fishing report

Wet ‘n wild weather

Finally, we are at the end of what has been a wild ride weather wise this month. Only a few days ago, the local area got smashed by big storms and another drenching. Fortunately, things tend to get better after a big wet and the weekend gave many anglers a shot at heading out.

With the change in season clearly upon us, many were after a season opener spanish mackerel. Anglers reported the occasional bite off around the Halls and Sunshine reefs area. The spotty mackerel are up in Platypus Bay and with the northerly wind predicted to blow hot and hard next week, we may well see a few fish. Slow troll whole garfish on TT Lures troll rigs are the better bait, as these fish are likely to be smaller than the big monsters known to turn up in the new year. You need to aim to not use wire and use smaller bait as we move away from the cooler water temperature. Once things warm up, bring out the whole bonito!

For everyone else, the closer reefs will be fairly dirty from the run-off, but this is not a bad thing. The recent swell and bad weather saw a big flush from the rain and many prawns washed out into the bay. After a big wet, Sunshine Reef often fires up and the grass sweetlip go on the chew big time! Pilchard and squid bait are hard to beat when fished on reef rigs close to the bottom. For the lure anglers, the new Pro Lure Clone Prawn plastic in the larger 95mm size will be killing it on 20lb setups. Keep prawns close to the bottom and fish them slightly heavier than usual for the best presentation.

With a change in the air very noticeable, we could also start to see the southern migration of tuna, mainly mack tuna. When you head out and the skies are clear, keep a watchful eye on the horizon for birds. Birds will see splashes from tuna and baitfish and will join in the action to start feeding on the baitfish. Approach wide and quietly and start casting metal lures, such as the Gillies Baitfish, across the front of the school for a chance of hooking up a line burner.

Surf fishing will be quiet, but around the river mouth rocks, there is a new hole forming. This will see flathead and bream holding here during tide changes, so flicking this area is a must, especially with small bait and grub-style soft plastics. With the dirty water, you can increase leader breaking strains to 10-12lb if after flathead. Soft vibes are essential when the river runs dirty, so pick up a few Samaki Vibelicious lures and hit the river mouth. These are super easy to work and will trigger a strong reaction bite from any passing predatory fish.

With the river running dirty, you would be best to stay in the lower part because fish will be seeking saltier water. This gives anglers a wide range of places to fish, so be sure you move around if the wind isn’t favourable or the bite is slow. For those heading upstream, try having some crab pots out, as this rainy weather will certainly have the muddies on the move.

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