Platypus Pre-test Braid in 60kg

PERFECT for daytime deep-drop swordfishing, Platypus Pre-test Braid enables you to reach depths of 600m and still have exceptional feel and fish-fighting control.

You’ll also be able to claim your record catch and legitimately compete in IGFA and GFAA tournaments. Light years ahead of mono or Dacron lines, this high-tech superline cuts through current and depths without a belly to get your bait to where the action happens.

With a direct connection and almost zero stretch, you benefit from more feel, more control and more power to catch your trophy fish. This super-thin PE line also enables you to pack more line on a smaller reel, making your outfit lighter and more comfortable to fish.

Made in Australia by a family company with more than 110 years of line-making experience, Platypus Pre-test Braid is unique in being specifically made and tested for IGFA line class angling.

Available in dye-free pure white in spool lengths of up to 1000 yards and in line classes from 6kg to 60kg. For more information, visit

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