Platypus Stealth FC Fluorocarbon

Manufactured in Japan to exacting specifications, Platypus Stealth FC is a new generation of stealth leader – an advanced fluorocarbon leader that offers anglers cutting-edge technology and excellent value for money, with increased spool lengths for their dollar.

With over 120 years of fishing line design, development and manufacturing in Australia, Platypus has comprehensively tested fluorocarbon leaders to ensure they are offering anglers a world-class product.

Extreme abrasion and impact resistance, excellent knot strength and a refractive index close to that of water, making it virtually invisible in water.

Stealth FC also has the benefit of a quicker sink rate than monofilament leaders, making it ideal for maintaining contact with bait and lures when sinking, while not absorbing water and in turn maintaining its strength throughout extended fishing sessions.

Feedback from anglers has also seen the inclusion of an elastic line tamer with each spool, designed to protect and control the leader on the spool, while allowing easy dispensing via the eyelet on the line tamer.

This will avoid the spaghetti mess of leaders without keepers and the difficulty of locating the end of the leader in hank style clamshell spools.

Platypus Stealth FC is available in a comprehensive range of breaking strains from 2-50lb, varying in spool length from 50-100m.


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