prawn season brisbane
The author scored a few prawns on this cast.

Be prepared for prawn season

prawn season brisbane
Gordon Triplett and the author caught a feed.
prawn season brisbane
The author’s Pro Throw Cast Net with some prawns.
Marichelle Mader used a drone to send a bait out the back of the breakers to this big tailor.
Belle captured a fantastic bonefish.

WELCOME to 2019 everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful start to the year and kicked it off by catching fish. We’ve seen amazing photos of everyone’s adventures over the festive season and I am so excited to share a few of them with you. But first, I’m happy to say Fish n Chicks has a brand-new logo. We have decided to jazz it up a bit and add the iconic barramundi to the graphic.

Barramundi are fantastic fish to eat and catch. You will be seeing our new logo around the place very soon, with lots of Fish n Chicks merchandise on the way. Recently I was lucky enough to spend some time at Blakesleys, North Stradbroke Island. Jason and I packed my little 3.9m tinnie and headed off on an adventure. The boat was so full that I had to carry extra gear and catch the ferry to Russell Island and get our mate to come and pick me up in his boat.

Camping is free at Blakesleys and there is plenty of space for the kids and dogs to run around. You can only access Blakesleys by boat and if you go there, you will not want to leave. I love the place! The fishing was hard work, with plenty of small stuff around nibbling our baits but no big fish landed.

It’s almost my favourite time of the year: prawn season! I’m so excited to get out on the water and feel that flick in my rope as my top pocket fills with prawns. If you have never been prawning, you really need to give it a go. At the season’s peak, it’s a mosh pit of boats on the water. I have literally had to push boats away with my hands because it gets so busy out there. The adrenalin rush is incredible.

If you are looking to buy a cast net, make sure you look around and find what best suits you. If you’re at the tackle shop, take it out of the bucket and have a feel. Is it too heavy for you? Is it the right size for you? Ask the staff questions and I’m sure they will be able to help you out. Fish n Chicks is proudly sponsored by Pro Throw Cast Nets, owned by Drew Argus.

Pro Throw has nets stocked in many tackle shops from north Queensland to NSW. I love my 12’ top pocket with chain bottom as it’s not too heavy for me to throw. But it all comes down to what is in your budget and what is most comfortable for you. Fish n Chicks and Pro Throw will be giving our members the chance to win their very own Pro Throw net, so stay tuned to our socials to find out how to win and keep an eye on the mag for the winner to be announced soon.

A very good friend of mine Marichelle Mader has recently jumped into drone fishing with her husband and kids and they have started with a huge bang. Marichelle recently landed the cracker 70cm tailor pictured off Bribie Island in Queensland. It’s one for the girls on this occasion, with Marichelle outdoing her husband. Well done. This beast of a tailor was caught on half a mullet and a Splash Drone. It sure gave Marichelle a challenge. Go the girls!

Jayden Conlon and his little sister Belle (10 years old) recently went fishing at Great Keppel Island. Belle landed her first-ever fish and it wasn’t just any fish, but a bonefish! Bonefish are known for being one of the most challenging fish in the world to catch. Some people pay a lot of money to be able to have a crack at catching one. Can you believe bonefish are able to live for up to 20 years? Belle hooked this cracker just off Putney Beach on Great Keppel using fresh squid as bait. Way to go Belle.

Well known fisho Ewan ‘Tiger’ Johns recently ventured out to catch his first threadfin salmon. Thready expert Joe Pisano took Tiger out to catch a golden beauty in the Brisbane River. While catching bait we all met up and talked about hooking a big fish and we could not wait to get our lines in the water. Tiger was very eager and before anyone knew it he was on! Tiger landed not only his first thready, but his second as well! What a way to make an entrance to the threadfin club. Way to go Tiger. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Until next time, stay safe and tight lines.

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