Rainy Season has arrived and so have the fish on the Sunshine Coast – Noosa River

The Noosa River has been a real hot spot for flathead and trevally this week. Woods Bays continues to fish well early in the mornings for trevally and flathead. Strada Surface lures have been working well. Also, slim swim and curly tailed soft plastics in motor oil and watermelon colours. Mangrove jack are in good numbers in the upper reaches of the river. Fishing later at night with live baits and or casting soft vibes along any rocky edges or points have been the best spots.

The Samaki thumpers and Zerek live mullet have been a favourite among many anglers chasing Mangrove Jacks in the Noosa River Remember to get close to those snags and implement pauses into your lure retrieval techniques. Lots of smaller sized bream and whiting around the river mouth this week. The best spots have been Gympie Terrace and around the sand bags of the dog beach. Mullet strips, Whitebait and Squid. Prawns have been the best for bream in the Noosa River

Whiting have been caught in the Noosa River. They have been caught on fresh beach worms and super sharp Instinct Blood worm hooks. Use a fine 6lb Leader with additional red tubing for extra attraction in dirty water.  Flathead have been thick in Weyba creek and at the river mouth. Zerek live shrimp and Davos pre-rigged Gladiator prawns have claim some awesome size lizards this week also.

Fishing Noosa National Park has seen some good action coming from around the headlands. Lots of yellowtail kingfish and small tuna are being reported with anglers casting stick baits and slugs landing some quality catches. Whiting, Tailer, Bream and Flathead along Sunshine beach and Castaways beach gutters. Using light running sinker rigs with 6-8lb fluorocarbon leaders the best option for Whiting and Bream. Frog mouth pillies, sand worms and prawns have been the best baits to use.

North Shore fishing well for smaller Bream, Whiting and Flathead with light lines and smaller spin and Alvey surf outfits the better option. Fast retrieval of Arma Radico and Metallic lures in the 25-40g size working well off the beach and headlands on bigger Long Tail Tuna off the rocks and Tailor off the beaches. Using 300m of 15lb-20lb braid and 15-20lb leader is a must off the headlands when the bigger Tuna are about. Look at Teflon coated Hi-Vis Fluid cast Braid for a great casting, abrasion resistant line.


The offshore fishing was more of a hype this week, with some better weather finally arriving mid-week. Sunshine reef fished well for Coral Trout, Grassy sweetlip, Squire, Pearl Perch and smaller Maori cod. Stock up on live bait jigs from our Davo’s tackle stores to ensure you have live baits on board to increase your chances of landing better quality fish. North reef, Chardons and Out wide (DI & Barwon banks) all produced good sized 3-4kg Snapper, Cobia, Maori Cod, Pearl Perch, Venus Tusk fish and some sizable Red emperor and Long Tail Tuna.

The fish were loving fresh strip baits presented on paternoster rigs and floated live or dead baits rigged on gangs hooks (size 4/0-7/0) this week. Look at Instinct pre made Gang hook rigs. These come pre-rigged on lengths of quality monofilament with a swivel at one end making quick changes easier. Try premade instinct paternoster rigs with a snapper sinker and multiple baits including Pilchard, Squid and Mullet to get you onto the action. When using pilchard floaters be sure to use a Neptune Tinsel head to get the attention of a passing Mackerel or Tuna.


In the fresh the water quality is improving as flood waters recede, making some good fish come on the bite. Deep diving lures including Lively Lures Micro Mullet and Eco Gear CX 35HS working well along the drop offs at Lake MacDonald and Borumba dam. Surface lures are working well during low light periods. Fish are taking well-presented Lucky Craft Sammy 65 or similar Jackson Risk Bait surface walkers off the top. OSP Fujin Spider lures are another great option when casting into heavy timber at Borumba. They also work well in the Noosa Everglades as they can be worked in one spot continuously to aggravate none active fish.

Now for all the  latest information on the Noosa River log onto for up to date bar and fishing reports. Don’t forget to drop into Davo’s Tackle World, Davo’s Boating and Outdoor in Noosa. and Davo’s Northshore Bait & Tackle at Marcoola to find out where the fish are biting. And remember Tight Lines and Bent Spines!

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