Sedona FI

Revamped Sedona FI spin reel

Sedona FIENGINEERED and built to perfection, Shimano’s Sedona FI spin reel series has completely changed the game in the spin reel market.

With a new and innovative design, Shimano has developed a tough spin reel that feels comfortable and well balanced in your hands. Freshly revamped with features such as the Hagane Gear, Shimano has stopped at nothing in the pursuit of great value and performance.

Press-formed from 200 tonnes of hydraulic pressure, the Hagane Gear design concept allows for day-in, day-out use and abuse, while still feeling as smooth as the day you bought it. Efficient power transmission through the Hagane Gear is paired with 3+1 bearings and G Free Body, which shifts the centre of gravity closer to the rod.

The Sedona FI spin reel’s innovative features increase casting efficiency and reduce user fatigue, keeping anglers on the hook for a longer day out on the water. The AR-C spool design with a machined V-shaped spool lip allows the line to come off the reel in smaller loops, creating more energy transmitted to the cast, increasing efficiency and accuracy and resulting in a longer cast.

By reducing the line loop size coming off the spool, the AR-C spool design also minimises the risk of backlash and ever-frustrating wind knots while still allowing a full spool of monofilament and braided line. The Sedona FI series has six different models to choose from, ranging from 1000 up to a compact 5000, ensuring every angler will find the right fit for their needs.

With a drag output varying between 3kg and 11kg depending on the model, and backed by Shimano’s 10-year warranty, the tough and meticulously engineered Sedona FI spin reel series from Shimano is sure to more than satisfy any fisher on light tackle adventures.

The Sedona FI reel series starts from a RRP of $119.

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