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Rollashocks – a new era for trailer boats

rollashocks boat roller shock absorbers rollashocks boat roller shock absorbers A FEW months ago while working at home I noticed a boat preparing to pull into the motel next door.

I found myself watching and waiting for the inevitable clatter of the boat on the trailer as it crossed the driveway and speed bump. Anyone who tows a boat would be familiar with the noise I’m talking about. We’ve all heard the racket while standing at the boat ramp as excited fishos approach for launching. Well to my surprise, on this occasion the boat barely made a sound.

As a fishing guide, I’ve had some issues with my boat rollers banging and wearing into my hull, so I was more than a little interested to see how the fisho got his setup so quiet. I walked over and while chatting with Dave Penn from the mid north coast of NSW about chasing big fish in far-off destinations, I noticed his boat roller brackets and skids. They were fitted with what looked like small stainless steel and polyurethane shock absorbers.

When asked, Dave explained that he was tired of the damage being done to his boat and contents by the trailer when towing over bad roads around Australia and the top end, which led him to invent Rollashocks. In a nutshell, they are boat roller shock absorbers designed to spread the weight of your boat evenly over the keel rollers and skids, eliminating concentrated load points and vibrations being transferred directly through the trailer into your boat, which can damage or crack your hull.

Made in Australia from quality 316 stainless steel and polyurethane, Dave reckons they’ll outlast the trailer by years. The set on his trailer had done over 7000km and still looked new. As I rocked his boat from side to side I could see them compressing and flexing. I was sold. Finally a new era of protection for trailer boats – all for about the cost of a high-end fishing reel.

I have a set now and love them. Fitting them was very simple and my boat rides beautifully on the trailer. Do yourself and your boat a favour and check out the range of Rollashocks and brackets at

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