Rough roads and big barra at Stanage

Howdy all fishers and adventurers visiting Stanage.
High Peak, Percy Isles and the Dukes The Road into Stanage is nothing but rough and rougher, so do what most of the locals do and slow down and take life easy on it.
Until our local council Livingstone Shire can get a road team up this way, the road can only get worse.
Dont complain, and be happy its like that, else you may as well go else where… there are plenty of fishing spots and crabbing spots with sealed roads and fishermen’s accommodation….possibly cheaper too.
So no complaints, just make sure your maintainance is up to scratch, although i do sell lots of trailer gear to get one out of trouble.
A spare prop for your outboard wont go astray either, i actually thought everyone had a spare anyway, like a vehicle not carrying a spare tyre…who would?
Even a good second hand prop is better than driving into rocky to try and buy one, thats something i dont carry up here, too many sizes, too many makes n models, too many variances, pitch is another one to add to the list.

The Estuary – Thirsty sound, Broadsound and the west side of Long Island have all been crabbing well over the past week.
The good pro pots i sell have been a big winner, add my bait and knowledge…bingo….big monster babies.
The Barra have been boofing and hooking even without the usual wet season, so come on fellas, stop whinging about it being too windy for reef fishing…where else on holiday can you swim, catch a crab, catch a barra, fingermark, mangrove jack and salmon when you cannot get out to the reef.
Or just kick back and watch the cricket or have a game of darts or pool for nothing…it’s included with your rental. ( Pacific Villa or Pacific Oasis)

The Reef – Wow early Mackerel Season, onya Batesy, Croc and Wes…let the fishing begin.
Other catches of reefies like grassy sweet lip, red emperor and “whats the red ones without the strip” as one of the Pacific Villa rental fellas asked…yep Jon, they are called nannygai…large or small mouth.

Just awaiting for the usual pics as promised.

Lots of lads are trying to download them to Stanage Bay Marine & Accommodation Facebook…unsuccessfully.
I might know a lot about fishing and crabbing, dirt roads and toyotas, plate boats and outboards, but i know zilch about mobile phones and computers, so sorry Jared and Benny and nekkminit crew, you’re own ya own.

Thanks to Jeff and Owens Rewind the Pacific Oasis, should have a new kitchen come next month.
Fingers crossed.

Remember keep the local businesses here at Stanage and buy locally, we dont charge arms or legs.
Cheers til next report,
Keep on smelling the fish.

Von Ireland
Stanage Bay Marine & Accomm.

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Cheers, Von.
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