Hardstand is hard luck for some

Noticed the number of boats on hardstands or in dealerships awaiting service personnel and or parts for repairs?

It’s becoming a more common sight.

And that’s not taking into account the boats sitting on trailers at home, on a pontoon or in a marina berth and going nowhere safely until some mechanical or technical problem is resolved.

Want something fixed?

Brace yourself.

These days, it could be weeks extending into months before you can expect any joy.

Some of the most prevalent delay issues relate to securing drive gear, such as sterndrive legs, drive shafts and special propellers.

But the delays also involve the shipment and receipt of electronics, as well as special fittings.

Not unlike the automotive industry and building and other trades, issues ranging from production, distribution and transport delays coupled with pandemic impacts have coincidentally conspired to keep some boaties separated from their craft.

And linked with that have been commensurate price rises.

It’s a cocktail of delays, uncertain estimates in terms of prices, timing and critical path plans.

That complex combination of factors is the newest in a string of reasons why having a great boat insurance policy is such a wise choice.

For without it, boat owners could be stung personally for considerable storage fees, as well as the fast-rising cost of spare parts and replacement componentry.

In a recent central Queensland case, the owner of a vessel at Longreach became so frustrated waiting for someone to attend to his boat, he decided to fly to Brisbane himself, find alternatives for the parts required and take them back up north with him.

It was cheaper and quicker than continuing to wait.

Trying to locate a new trailer for your boat?

You’ll see how high the prices have shot up for quality used trailers and also the delays you might encounter if ordering a new one.

Once again, your specialist marine insurer can be a good source of reference, but without a policy, you’re on your own.

Marine insurers such as Nautilus Marine are dealing with similar issues every day and, backed with decades of experience, very often know the fastest way to get you back on the water with minimal downtime.

So, rather than trying to sort through the unreturned phone calls from tradespeople, or them or the parts not showing up at the appointed time, Nautilus can guide their clients on the best course of action.

Leave the problem in their lap or choose to have some involvement – such as indicating your preferred repairer – the choice is yours, but the worry is greatly lessened.Occasionally it might mean resorting to a Plan B that you may not have considered.

But the bottom line is that dealing with such issues every day gives your specialist marine insurer a greater insight into the solutions that could be available.

As always, what is and what may not be covered will always be decided in accord with the terms of insurance, as defined in your insurance policy’s Product Disclosure Statement.

Similarly, any special conditions and excesses should always be explained clearly in your insurance policy’s PDS.

If you need further information, you can contact Nautilus Marine Insurance on 1300 780 533 for any boat insurance requirements.

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