The iconic Quintrex Freestyler has been completely modernised to revolutionise the boating experience and appeal to a wider base of families in Australia. Photos: BRP 2022

BRP transforms boating experience

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) is shaking up the boating industry with fully redesigned Manitou, Alumacraft and Quintrex boats, featuring the all-new Rotax outboard engine with stealth technology.

Disappearing under the boat and engineered not to be seen or felt, this new engine technology is a game-changer.

The model year 2023 Manitou, Alumacraft and Quintrex line-ups also stand out thanks to their seamless, holistic and daringly innovative design from bow to stern.

The result is a truly integrated boat that frees up valuable space for boaters and their families, and that pushes the design to stunning new heights.

BRP president marine group Karim Donnez said, “Over the past four years, BRP has built an unparalleled value proposition for consumers in the market for a boat.”

“We are proud to unveil disruptive new Manitou pontoons as well as Alumacraft and Quintrex boats that transform and revolutionise the boating experience.

“Built upon the brands’ respective legacies and elevated through BRP’s unique design approach and stealthy engine technology, these new products are much more distinctive, contemporary and spacious.

“This is only the first wave of what we have set out to achieve in our marine business, and we plan to continue pushing technology even further.”

Rotax outboard engine

Hidden, quiet and efficient, BRP completely rethought, reimagined and redesigned the engine for its boats. The new Rotax outboard engine with stealth technology is initially offered in 115 and 150hp configurations.

It delivers the same advantages of a traditional outboard engine – such as price, performance, handling, ease of maintenance and full trim – with additional benefits. Partially submerged underwater and hidden under the boat, the engine is smooth and quiet at any speed.

It doesn’t block the way at the stern and therefore frees up valuable space. The Rotax outboard engine is also efficient, allowing for up to 20 percent improved fuel efficiency compared to traditional outboard engines.

What’s more, based on BRP internal testing, it is the cleanest combustion outboard engine in its class.

With a 12 percent reduction in reportable emissions and a 98 percent reduction in carbon monoxide at idle compared to leading outboard engine brands.

The new Manitou pontoons and Alumacraft and Quintrex boats have been crafted for an optimal integration of the new Rotax outboard engine with stealth tech for an unrivalled experience that will wow boaters and their families.

Competitively priced within their segments, these new-model year-2023 line-ups offer incredible value and will be irresistible to any consumer in the market for a boat.

All-new Manitou pontoons revolutionise the boating experience with a timeless modern design, a one-of-a-kind on-board experience and ground-breaking Rotax outboard engine.

Manitou revolutionise pontoon experience

The new Manitou Cruise 20’, 22’ and 24’ and Explore models 22’, 24’ and 26’ break away from the sea of sameness that has defined the pontoon segment for decades.

The innovative design features a bold, modernised and easy to maintain exterior, thanks to an aluminium transformation process, traditionally only used in the luxury automotive industry. The exterior bow area is also very distinctive, with its new Manitou lighting signature, encompassing the navigation lights and providing even more character.

The forward-leaning sport bimini adds the final touch to create an elevated visual appearance. The unique interior is also second to none.

The helm area has been completely redesigned with ergo-specialists and design experts to convey functionality, simplicity and modernity.

The sleek new Max deck platform – that simply doesn’t exist on any other pontoon – unlocks 3.5sq m of additional usable space, meaning more comfort and more possibilities for recreation at the stern.

With flexible layout selections and seating configurations – plus a class-leading helm and dash including a Garmin digital dashboard and a Fusion stereo as standard options – captains will take control for the perfect day on the water.

For more information on the new Manitou models, visit


The new Alumacraft Competitor and Alumacraft Trophy model year 2023 changes the name of the game for anglers by offering an eye-catching new look, unparalleled versatility and more usable space.

Boaters will notice the continuous and positive curved gunnel, providing tension in the side view and forming a distinctive and modern new Alumacraft signature.

Both models come with new industry-leading injection moulded console design, configurable windshield, digital integration and re-engineered bow for anglers to catch all the action happening underwater.

Purposefully built for improved functionality and efficiency, the Competitor and Trophy offer features such as the sleek Max Deck platform and the clever x-pods that wrap around the engine to extend the transom for added standing room and water access at the stern.

When equipped with the new Rotax outboard engine and the Max Deck, consumers get a very unique side-profile, transom and deck design that provides 2.3sq m of additional uninterrupted space compared to traditional boats.

Interior layouts have been meticulously crafted to provide ingenious storage solutions and can be customised with one of three quick-install modules that offer a choice of live-well sizes, seating configurations and more.

For more information on the new Alumacraft models, visit

New Alumacraft boats bring ultimate fishing experience with industry leading functionality and versatility.


The iconic Quintrex Freestyler has been completely modernised to revolutionise the boating experience and appeal to a wider base of families in Australia. Building on the rich reputation of Quintrex for quality and performance, BRP has designed the new Freestyler X models for those looking for a more recreational aluminium boat.

All the functions and features boaters already know, love and expect are still offered, with added comfort, a unique layout, high-end construction materials, refined interior treatments and standout new colour schemes.

The new Freestyler X is offered in three configurations with the Rotax outboard engine – the 595 version is available with 150hp, and the new 555 version with 115hp or 150hp.

The new stealth technology of the Rotax engine allows a drastic increase in the usable space onboard and enables the Max Deck platform to unlock exciting new possibilities for enjoying recreation activities at the stern.

Storage has been optimised throughout to make the entire onboard experience more convenient.

Australia’s favourite aluminium boat is poised to continue to be at the forefront of innovation and consumer expectations.

For more information on the new Quintrex line up, visit

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