Saltiga FC X-Link

Saltiga FC X-Link brings the advancements of X-Link technology to heavy fresh and saltwater arenas.

The X-Link method alters the molecular structure of the line itself, bonding individual particles on a chemical level.

This change in the chemical composition results in a line that is much stronger for its given diameter.

The X-Link method also produces a line that is incredibly limp and supple, resulting in a more manageable line and a much higher knot retention.

Daiwa’s tough resin paired with the cross-link process creates a supple yet extremely abrasion resistant fluorocarbon leader that retains knot strength.

Saltiga FC X-Link is the perfect choice when you want a tough leader to resist scuffing and abrasion around the reef or protect from the rasping jaws off a big barramundi.

Saltiga FC X-Link is parallel spooled and is available from 20-100lb.


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